KL State Drill Competition 2016

Posted on 01-Aug-2017

Prepared by SSgt Kenneth Lee of 4th Kuala Lumpur Company

September 17th, 2016

KAMPUNG PANDAN, KUALA LUMPUR - The year has come again for the all The Boys’ Brigade companies within the Kuala Lumpur State Council to square off against each other in a fight for the ticket to participate in the National Pesta Drill Competition 2016. This year’s Drill Competition was held at SMK St. Gabriel on 17th September 2016 with over 12 teams in participation.


   The event began at 12.45am when the emcee of the day, Sergeant Ngai Qi Yang, announced to all companies to fall-in at the parade grounds. Sharp at noon, the emcee greeted all the guests, BB members, supporters and parents with a warm welcome. Then Mrs Tan Loo Kee, Principal of SMK St. Gabriel, was invited to officiate the event. She was escorted by the Commissioner and Deputy State Commissioner of the Kuala Lumpur State Council. After that, Negaraku and Anchor Song was sung under the scorching sun. After that, Mrs Tan was invited up the stage to give an opening speech to our all the attendees followed by a short prayer by Mr Kenny Voon, Captain of 3rd Kuala Lumpur Company, before the competition began. Then, emcee announced all the attendees and teams to proceed to the opened hall for Uniform Inspection.
   At 1.00pm, once drill teams were done with their uniform checks by the inspection officers, they went on to prepare themselves to await the signal to enter the Drill Grounds for the competition. The first team that came out to compete was the 4th Kuala Lumpur Company’s Senior Team.
   At roughly 4.00pm, the competition at the Drill Ground ended and emcee Sergeant Ngai announced to all attendees to take a break and await the calculation of marks. Refreshments were served to the Uniform Inspection Officers and Malaysian Army’s personnel. Later on, all the judges for both uniform inspection and drill judges were invited to join company Captains and representatives in the Secretariat Room to verify the classification of marks.
   At 5.00pm, Sgt Ngai once again asked all the attendees to gather at the parade grounds. After that, emcee called upon the Malaysian Army’s personnel and the uniform inspection officers were invited to receive tokens of appreciation.
After that, Mr George Loong, Executive Secretary of the Boys’ Brigade Malaysia, was invited to give some words of encouragement for the BB members. He also gave some advice that which part of the uniform parts should be taken care of and not neglecting just because it is not visible to the human eye. Next, we invited Mr. Andrew Tan, a Lieutenant of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company and KL States Council Secretary to present the token of appreciation to all uniform inspection officers. After that, emcee invited Mr Andy Tan to present token of appreciation to the Head of Marking Calculation Team.
   Finally, came the moment everyone had been waiting for! The announcement of the top-3 teams for Seniors and Juniors! Mr Cheong Sing Yeun, President of Stedfast Association Kuala Lumpur, was invited to the stage to present the Junior’s Section awards. Each drill teams’ commander was also invited to collect the Certificates of Participation. Next, was the announcement of  the top 3 for Junior’s Section.
   Junior’s Section 2nd runner up was taken by 4th Kuala Lumpur Company. This was followed by, Junior’s Section 1st runner up taken by 1st Kuala Lumpur Company. The Champion Junior’s Section team title went to 10th Kuala Lumpur Company. They also took away the award for the Best Commander of Junior’s Team.
4th KL Company   1st KL Company
10th KL Company   10th KL Company
   Next, Sgt Ngai Qi Yang invited Mr. Andy Tan, State Commissioner of Kuala Lumpur State Council and Captain of 4th Kuala Lumpur Company, to present the Senior’s Section medals. Just like the Junior’s, each drill teams’ commander to head up to collect the certificates. Then, emcee announced the top 3 Senior’s Section in drill competition. The Senior’s Section 2nd runner up was taken away by 1st Kuala Lumpur Company, followed by 4th Kuala Lumpur Company which emerged as the runner up. The Senior’s Section Champion title was taken by 10th Kuala Lumpur Company and the team’s commander had also won the Best Commander of the Senior’s team. 
1st KL Company   4th KL Company
10th KL Company   10th KL Company
   Concluding the event, Mr Andy Tan gave a closing speech to our all BB members, supporters and parents and ended with a short prayer, followed by the BB vesper. A group photograph was taken, after which the event officially came to an end.