KL State Junior Camp 2014

Posted on 07-Jul-2015

By Junior Adriel Chan of the 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

November 21-23, 2014

MALACCA - Even as the Seniors had their own Boot Camp and Pesta, we Juniors have our own Junior Camp, the highlight of our lives. Now, the Junior Camp is back, stronger than ever. We all had so much fun, which includes playing a lot of games, having a barbecue dinner and night trekking.

The whole camp started pretty slowly, considering the fact that everyone was late. After everyone had arrived, there was a short briefing from Mr. Ng. Then, Mr. Nicholas Yeap, an officer from 12th KL, then proceeded to divide us into four groups with nine to eleven people inside. We were then instructed to give our respective teams a name, and then to make a cheer out of it. Soon enough, the four teams named themselves “ I don't know”, golden eagle, super junior and anchor, and the cheers came out. After that, we were assigned to our respective dorms and had two hours to settle in. Then, we went to the hall and had our praise and worship, which was led by 4th KL's officer. Then, we all started getting tensed, for we knew that coming next would be the night trek. True enough, an officer told us to get ready for the night trek, and at the drop of a hat, we were all ready and bursting to go. Half an hour later, night found us back at the canteen wet, tired but content. After vesper and supper, everyone went back to their dorms, all dead on their feet. 

We started the next day with morning exercise, led by Staff Sergeant Kodie Low. After that, we devoured a sumptuous breakfast of sausages, a bit of delicious pasta and some hot- chocolate. Yum! While we were all to full for any games, we had our Sunday praise and worship. After that, we were informed that we would be performing a sketch tomorrow and we would be getting it ready for tomorrow. A representative was sent out to get their storyline and soon enough, everyone was working on preparing it. After preparing, we had lunch, which was some very delicious pasta, salad and some meat. The food was great, and everyone was slowly savoring the food for the next hour. Up next was some station game that everyone enjoyed thoroughly. There were four teams, eight stations and each team started at a different station. The stations had missions like get through the maze without touching any hidden mines, getting water from one end to another and so much more! Even though all the games were extremely hard, we all enjoyed it. Yet, as all things come to and end, and soon we had to stop for lunch. Everyone was tired and so we went back to the dorms to shower and rest a while. We had a hearty dinner and then went to the hall and had a great time playing games like capture the flag, charades and so much more! By the time we called it a day, it was eleven at night, leaving one hour for us to get ready to go to sleep. Next day, we were packing up and cleaning our rooms as that was our last day at the camp. After a meal of pancakes with banana sauce and porridge, we performed the sketches for the officers, and all of the officers agreed that each team had cut the mustard. Subsequently, we started packing up and getting ready to leave. Everyone was sad when we went, but we all knew that next year would hold the Junior camp 2015, and possibly a funner experience!

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