KL State NCO Training School 2018

Posted on 01-Apr-2018

Written by Jack Lim, Staff Sergeant of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

The training started off on Day One where trainees checked-in at given counters and were asked to fall- in for the opening parade. The opening parade, a combined exercise with the Junior Leadership Training trainees was conducted by Lt. Everett Siew of 1st Seremban Company. Then, The KL State Commissioner, Mr. Andy Tan gave his opening address, followed by the NCO Training School’s Camp Commandant, Mr. Ronald Leong, and Junior Leadership Training Camp Commandant , Mr. Jesper Ong. After that, the trainees were then given a briefing and proceeded with activities like, Passing the Bottle, making a Pesta 2018 Promotional Video, bugle call workshop, problem-solving classes and many more.

  On Day Two, the trainees assembled as early as 5:55a.m. for exercises and physical training. After breakfast, the trainees were separated into groups, to practice the Guard-of-Honor procession. Later, the Basic and Advance courses trainees were separated to carry out their own programs. The Basic trainees had the meeting and communications workshop while the Advance trainees had their entrepreneurship workshop, where they were provided coupons in exchange for “service activities”.
In the afternoon, the Pesta 2018 Organizing Committee members carried out a Pesta 2018 Support session which included trainees, for a brainstorming exercise to seek new ideas for the upcoming event. At nightfall, at 9.00pm, each squad presented a skit they had prepared in conjunction with the “Talent Time” program.

  On Day Three, the training came to an end with Mr. Everett Siew gathering all participants in the hall for an official closing ceremony. He shared his views and thoughts of the camp to the trainees for encouragement and improvement. Then the Commissioner, the NTS Camp Commandant, BNTC’s Camp Commandant, Mr. Jimmy Leong and ANTC’s Camp Commandant, Mr. Andrew Tan also shared his views and encouragement to the participants. The ceremony ended with the presentation of the Best Trainee Award for Basic and Advance courses and the Boot Shine Award for overall Training.

Awards recipients:

    Pte. Dennis Chong of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company
    Sgt. Tan Soon Li of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company
  • BOOT SHINE AWARD for NTS 2018:
    Pte. Hee Wei Jie of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company