Knowing God While Serving in the Worship Team

Posted on 28-Dec-2014

By Lance Corporal Alex Ong of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 26th, 2014

God demands worship because He and He alone is worthy of it. He is the only One that truly deserves our worship. As His children, we are to acknowledge His greatness, His power and His glory. We all know that BB is a Christian uniformed unit – reaching out to the youths and drawing their focus back to God. Therefore, worship has become one of the common sessions in a normal parade in every single company. I am very grateful as God had given me the chance to be able to serve as a vocal in the Worship Team for my own Company.

So how did all of this start? I remember back to the first ever parade of my life. It started with opening parade and moved on to worship session. At that point of time, I was just a free thinker as my family doesn’t really have a set religion. When I was in the session, I felt that it’s cool that they get to be on the stage. To me, it’s like a live band for me at the point of time. I felt that it’s cool and you get to show off all your skills and get to attract people with singing. As our school is a Christian school and we also have worship sessions every Thursday. I felt that this was cool, a good way to be famous, attract friends to impress people. I had decided to join the team but I couldn't find the chance and opportunity. Back then, I wasn’t aware of the wrong views I had for worship.

As time passed, the worship department decided to hold a worship camp to attract more members, vocalists and musicians. I felt that the opportunity was here and I volunteered straight away. The next I knew - I was in the camp. There were only 2 who volunteered at that point of time which and it was just two of us Recruit. I tried my best to impress the officers and NCOs so that I could be chosen to be a worship leader or even accepted into the team. I succeeded. The department leader decided to allow me to lead for the whole year, as the core members needed to face their PMR and SPM.

However, I served without a heart of worship. All I had in my mind was just to impress my friends and girls with my singing. After three to four months, it was time for the BB-GB camp. I thought that it’s finally the time to get to “show off” in front of the girls in the same Form, as they are also made compulsory to join GB. At that point of time I requested to my department leader that I must “perform” worship no matter what. My corporal at that time heard about it (Instructor now), he messaged me and asked me whether do I really know what is worship all about. I just replied the answer I found from Google and so on. All I cared at that point of time was just fame and nothing about God.

I continued to serve as a vocalist without a heart of worship until the day when we had our NCO interviews with the captain and officer. Since I applied to serve in the worship and Word department, Captain asked me a lot of stuff about Christianity and I don’t know why at that point of time my heart had a sense of peace. My tears started rolling down and I just didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t talk much and my captain understood my condition and he gave me a task; to read a Bible verse per day and send him a report on what I have understood.

After I left the room, Lance Corporal Wil Sern (Sergeant now) came and asked me what happened. I told him what happened and he told me that it is the work of the Holy Spirit sent by God. He prayed for me and he led me to a room and talked to me more about God. From that point of time I felt very peaceful and felt the sense of joy in my heart. I had my very first quiet time inside the room and I know at that point of time that I have decided to follow Jesus. I prayed sincerely for the very first time and I felt the sense of joy inside of me.

As I was carrying out my NCO assignments, I learned more about God and I started to know the reasons why I should worship him. I started to lead worship with the heart of worship and I felt more joy as I was lead. I ignored all the fame and other distractions, focusing fully on God. I started to pray for my friends and others that needed help and with other concerns. I was also assigned to join the worship team for the school. I felt that all of these are actually the work of the Lord. As God leads me into the right path and I am really grateful that God had been in my life guiding me and helping me to the better Christian walk.        
I hope that anyone out there who wants to serve God sincerely, don’t be shy to ask your fellow officers or NCOs whether you can serve in the worship team or in any departments available. Be confident in making your first step and pray to God for guidance and help. God is always there for us and He will make wonders for us as long as we are sincere.
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