KUL Games 2017

Posted on 30-Nov-2017

Written by Lance-Corporal Seth Sinnadurai of  the 1st Kuala Lumpur Company

It was the 16th of September 2017, the day for KUL Games 2017 had arrived. KUL GAMES is a bi-annual event held to promote unity, friendship and healthy lifestyle among BB boys and girls in the KL State Council. This year’s KUL Games 2017 was held in Methodist Boys’ Secondary School Kuala Lumpur. We witnessed 12 companies competing among one another in 9 different sports.

Participants arrived at the venue as early as 7am, and registration was underway. Once companies had put their belongings in the assigned classrooms, they went down for opening ceremony was about to commence. But this year it was done differently. Instead of the usual row-by-row standing, the participants stood in a formation which formed the letters ‘KUL’. Various officers and VIPs gave speeches, among them was the KL State Commissioner, Mr. Andy Tan, Captain of 1
st KL, Mr. Yee Mun Theam, and Principal of MBSSKL, Mr. Brendan Ravichandran. After the officiation of the event by Mr. Brendan, the boys from 1st KL led the participants in a warm-up session. At the end of the opening ceremony, a drone was flown up and captured a picture of the formation, giving the participants a new experience. The participants then went to get ready for their respective games that were about to begin.


At 9am sharp, the games had begun. Most of the games were held at the school field, and it was packed with action. From games such as football, volleyball, basketball and captain ball, companies were battling their hearts out to win for their companies, and hopefully become the overall champion. A major fear on that day was that it would rain, as the entire week was filled with heavy downpour. But thanks to God, it was a sunny day, and there was not a grey cloud in sight.


At 1pm, it was time for lunch. After a morning of tiresome games, the participants had some delicious lunch, enough to fuel their bodies to continue competing. The officers had their own buffet-style lunch whilst having fellowship. After eating and having a short break, the games continued. By this time most of the games were in their final stages, and many participants were cheering for their companies whom have made it this far. When all the games have ended, the participants gathered in their respective companies, and waited for the results to be announced.

During the closing ceremony, the prizes were given to the top three teams from each sport. The winning teams went up to receive their medals, and the participants cheered for their respective companies. At the end of the closing ceremony, it was time for the overall champion to be announced. This year, 1st KL was crowned the overall champion, having won the highest number of gold medals. With that, KUL Games 2017 had come to an end. The participants were glad to be able to come and have fellowship with each other, and some even made new friends along the way.

Photos by 1st Kuala Lumpur Company and SSGT Jack Lim of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company.
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