Media Circus @ 12th KL BB

Posted on 28-Oct-2014

Written by Lance Corporal Teh Eng Hong of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 19th, 2014

SENTUL - After two long weeks of exams, some boys relish in the relief that the BB Parade is on-going as usual on 18th October 2014. Hence, Members of the 12th KL Boys’ Brigade Company gathered at WMSKL for parade as usual. What they did not know was that they were about to become ‘superstars’.      

Okay, let me explain about the weird title. The reason why I chose the title Media Circus is that today is a video recording day for our Recruitment and Orientation. So, lights, camera, ACTION! 

At 7.50am, all the NCOs of the 12th KL BB were already in position, only waiting for the parade commander, the Infamous Sergeant Ong Wil Sern, to shout the words that were extremely easy to recognize as call for fall in : BB FALL IN! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 !!!!!!!! But today was a little different from normal parades. One obvious reason was – Sergeant Jack was poised behind a tripod, camera on top, and let’s just say he brought other tools enough to earn him the nickname ‘rich kid’. After all, he is our Official Photographer and he has invested a lot in upgrading his camera equipment, gadgets and what not. Once Sergeant Jack is ready, the “parade” began.


Opening Parade went on a little longer than the usual parades.  The reason being is Sergeant Jack was filming the proceedings in great detail. Browsing through his phone for the filming details, he gave instructions to each ‘actor’ and ‘star’, ensuring they knew their parts and sequence. Detailed and caught up in his work, he filmed inspection of the uniform parts, and he also filmed members who made mistakes in preparing their uniform parts doing pushups. He also filmed us singing the Anchor Song. After that, we fell out and proceeded to the Lecture Theatre for our Praise and Worship session.

The Praise and Worship session was led by Staff Sergeant Jason Pereira and Instructor Yip Wei Jian, who were very well known by the senior members for various reasons that could not be put to ink. We all calmed our hearts and devoted ourselves to the worship, praising Him for his greatness. We sang two songs. Next was the Word Session. Our Chaplain, Rev. Christopher Rao led the word session, sharing about Temptation.

He handed out the word materials to each and every one of us. The verses from the bible were Genesis 2:8-9, Genesis 2: 15-17 and Genesis 3:1-13. Then we watched a video which was a short clip from the animation “Finding Nemo”, getting us to find any similarities and differences between the story in the movie and the story found in the passage about Adam and Eve in the Bible. The story in Genesis 2 and 3 talked how on Adam and Eve fell into sin when they were in a garden after being tempted by serpent. We learned how temptation came in a not so straightforward way, but it can deceive us into doing something that we might surely regret it if we were not careful to overcome it. Our Chaplain explained and illustrated with various examples, drawing some significant parts from the video clip and from the Scripture.

Following that, Sergeant Jack gathered us for the next part in the video shooting. This time, our star was Staff Sergeant Jason Perreira conducting Target Class. Few scenes were created for the plot. Next on, the final exams for all those in the badge classes for those who missed the exams held during our Outing earlier. Those who were not involved went into a classroom where we had another round of filming. This time, Sergeant Jack filmed Mr Lim ‘conducting’ another award class and later where he taught us how to sing second verse of the Anchor Song. And the room was filled with the following verse :-

“With gallant heart and gallant soul, On life’s broad sea we’ll sail, what-e’er storms of life may bring, our anchor must prevail. Although the clouds may cross the sun, the skies grow dark and grey. We’ll face the foe until we’ve won, a glorious victory.”

After the filming was done, I led those who are not involved with anything to a session of drill. In the drill session, we revised the movements taught from our last parade.  Closing Parade was at 12.00 in the afternoon. As the usual routine, all of us fell in our individual squads for the Closing. We took attendance, listened to the final announcement and reminder from the Parade Officer before we sang BB Vesper and prayed. Once more our movements were being filmed by our ‘director’ Sergeant Jack.

The Members were dismissed and the Parade was adjourned except for the NCOs and the Drumline Members. Some boys stayed back for game while waiting for their parents to pick them while the NCOs proceeded to the Lecture Theatre for Post-Mortem Meeting. Drumline Members began their training from 1.00 to 3.00 in the afternoon.     


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