Model Making

Posted on 10-Nov-2014

Report by Junior Adriel Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 25th, 2014

CHERAS - The weather was hot and sticky, making the job of marching around and obeying the parade commander's orders was more strenuous than usual. It seemed like a normal day to us Juniors of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company, but that day was nothing like a normal day.

On the twenty- fifth of October, we had one of the most exciting and entertaining event in the whole year. On that day, we learned how to build models of buildings. It may seem boring and easy, but actually, it was quite a challenge to tie together the chopsticks with string.

After opening parade, the whole company went to the hall in which they were holding praise and worship. After that, we had an interesting game that brought many cheers from the company. The basic idea was that a thief would be chosen to try to to steal the “treasure” while a “guard” would try to hit the thief with a stick, and thus eliminate the thief.

Yet, the game ended too fast for the members, and the time for announcements concerning passing up the permission slip for Founder's day. Our word was by Lance Corporal Daniel Tan, which was about how Jesus gave us a choice to either welcome Satan and reject God or to embrace God's love and shun evil.

However, the main event had yet to come and everyone was starting to be restless. Just as a few Juniors were ready to leave, Sergeant Jia Qian popped up and announced that we would be building models of buildings with wooden chopsticks and string. A few pictures showing the types of models we could make was shown to give us a idea of what to do, and we dug into the challenge with the thought of making the best model burning in our minds.

After what seemed a few minutes but was really three hours, Sergeant Jia Qian announced that time was up and we had to pack up and leave for closing parade. Though all of us were disappointed that we didn't have enough time to finish our model, we all went home with the hope that the models could and would be completed.        

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