My Camping Experience

Posted on 30-Nov-2012

Private Reuben Lim of 6th Kuala Lumpur Company

BROGA, NEGERI SEMBILAN - On the 30th November 2012, the 4th KL GB and 6th KL BB made a camping trip to Tapah, Perak. It was a 3 days 2 nights camp at a campsite called SUFES Campsite. As many as about 48 Girls and Boys went to the camp, accompanied by 7 officers. 12th KL Boys’ Brigade was also invited to join in the fun and 10 Boys from their company showed up together with their company’s captain.the 30th November 2012, the 4th KL Girls’ Brigade and 6th


Before departing, everyone except the 12th KL BB gathered at Holy Light Lutheran Church at Salak South Garden. From there, we boarded a bus and started our 2.5 hour journey to Tapah. On the way, we stopped at a rest area for some lunch at a KFC restaurant and also hawker area. Once everyone was sated with food and refreshed, we continued on with our journey.

The bus journey was fun as everyone get to know each other. Once arriving at the campsite, we were pleasantly surprised at its pleasant and greenery surrounding. What a contrast from out concrete jungle in KL. There was a stream in the middle flowing with cold mountain water. To its left was the area where tents were set up and on the right was the dining hall with a nice playground nearby. The campsite was complete with the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay.

During the entire camp, the Lord had been very gracious to us. He blessed us with fine weather so we got the opportunity on the first day to go ‘stream strutting’. With a guide leading us, we followed the trail of the river, which led uphill. The river water was cold and the scenery around it was beautiful. The higher, we went up river, the colder that water and the harder the climb. It was quite a challenge to some of us who are not used to the kampong kind of lifestyle. The last part was steep and the most challenging part, but thank God all of us made it up safely and to our surprised, at the very top, was a magnificent waterfall! With cool, crystal clear water flowing down a giant rock, the climb had been worth it. Everyone took a break here and basked under the sun on these cooling wet rocks. Soon it was time to journey back again and we went down using another trail thus seeing more different scenery.

When we got back to camp, it was shower and dinner time followed by worship session. The worship was wonderful as everyone sang their heart out and the lessons were also interesting touching on social issues. The last part of the session, was t-shirt printing where we get to design and color our own white t-shirt. I made mine into a tuxedo design.

After that, it was sleep time. I must confess this is the first time for me sleeping in a real tent environment outdoor! Apart from being a little cramp, it was actually quite nice. Outside our tent, when we looked up, we can see the stars and moon shinning so brightly in the night sky and it was a very peaceful feeling we had as we closed out eyes and drifted off to dreamland.


The second day, after some lesson and worship session, we were given an opportunity to cook our own lunch. The food provided was eggs, rice, meat and some vegetables. It was great fun cooking on our own thought we had some problem getting the fire started but everyone chip in and made a fine meal out of it. 

In the evening, we went through some obstacle course. There were some slight drizzle but that did not stop us. The obstacle course was quite challenging as we were required to go through narrow beams and climb up wall but we were soon able to overcome them with good teamwork spirit.

That night after another worship and session, we had a campfire. It was really a miracle to be able to build a campfire as it had just rained and was still drizzling. We had a great time singing songs around the campfire.

On the third and last day, after a very sumptuous and delicious breakfast, it being Sunday, we went to church at the camp. The speaker was a brother from Holy Light church who drove all the way from KL on that Sunday morning so that he can give us a talk.


Too soon, it was time to depart and with heavy heart we began to pack our belonging. We had a photo session and I wore my tux t-shirt. This camp I believe will be the first of the many camp that I am going to experience as a full time BB members and I am already looking forward to my next camp trip and it came sooner than I expected. It was a canoeing camp at Broga with the 12th BB boys but that is another camp story.