My Journey in The Boys' Brigade

Posted on 09-Aug-2014

Written by Sergeant Yip Wei Jian of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

Posted 10th August 2014

Four years ago, when I was in Form 3, my high school, Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur in Sentul opened its doors to allow the 12th Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade to use the school as a base of operation. I was indeed fortunate and blessed to be given the opportunity to join The Boys’ Brigade and as a result I realised that I have changed to be a better person.

During my first few meetings, there were only three Form 3 students and later it turned to 2 fairly quickly. Obviously, it was very discouraging in the first few months as there were only two of us who were the oldest with the rest being in the Form 1’s. We sometimes felt left out and also a bit lost as at that time we were not that mature in thinking yet. However, I was grateful that my officers at that time, the captain Mr. Koh, and Mr. Nicholas Yeap (then a lieutenant) gave me and my friend the opportunity to be leaders at that time.

It was difficult at the start as we had not much experience and had to go through a lot of tough, but useful lessons. In that first year itself, I was also given the opportunity ­to Basic NCOs’ training School (BNTS) in which I learnt a lot of skills in becoming a leader. I still remember all the difficult challenges we faced as well as all the fun activities we had. In the end it was a difficult but enjoyable time. After the camp, we came back with renewed energy to improve ourselves so that we can make the company grow. It all paid off as the year 2011 came to an end, both Jason (my friend) and I were given the chance to be promoted to Lance Corporal. It was the start of my NCO life 2012 itself poised a lot of challenges and problems of its own as I entered into Form 4, I had a new challenges in school as I had subjects like the 3 Pure Sciences and Additional Maths to cope with. I was also involved in Leo Club as well as a photographer for school events. In this time, I was struggling to cope with all of these put together as well as fulfil my duty as a Lance Corporal. Truthfully, it was difficult. I had struggled a lot and many times was at the verge of thinking of stopping as I felt I already had too much to do.

But I hung on, with Pesta happening, I had the motivation to keep going. Not only was that, in March 2012, I also given the opportunity to attend Advanced NCOs’ Training School (ANTS). This was also a training in which I was to learn how to make decisions. It was a good training not only for being an NCO but also in life as well. Making decisions now thought me how to analyse and think carefully before making any final decisions.­­­­­ this has helped me got through a lot of difficult problems and decisions as well as in life.

After attending ANTS, I was given the opportunity to be promoted to a Corporal before attending the Pesta. This gave me the boost I needed to stay on as it showed my officers had confidence in me to help lead the company. I continued to improve myself time and time again so that I would not let my officers and the company down. Being the most senior member at that time I did my best to make decisions and do what I can for the BB

As 2012 came to an end, I continued to do my best to improve myself by participating in as many activities as I could. I continued to find balance in my studies, school activities as well as BB. In the end, there were stills some of my friends who continued to laugh at Jason and I for dedicating so much time to BB. But we continued on without hesitation, as time passed on, we continued committing ourselves and all the laughs became a norm.

Soon 2013 was upon us and I faced a new batch of challenges as Leo Club became a lot more active as I have become a senior, I also had to take care of the Photography Club which I was elected to become president of. Not only that, I was also the Head Photographer for the Editorial Board. I was also facing my SPM that year. Truthfully, it was difficult tough but BB played a big part for me that year. There was a lot more things I had to take responsibility on and there was more members.

It was difficult in the first month as we weren’t used to the number of people attending the meetings. With only 5 NCO it was a lot more difficult and challenging but we managed. In that year, we had an average of 1-2 camps every month. It was tough but I learnt a lot as I learnt how to plan ahead for events as well as the worst scenarios to occur. Not only that, I was also promoted to a sergeant. Again I was grateful that the officers had faith in me in leading the company together with Jason (also promoted to Sergeant).

One of the camp which I am most proud of was WMSKL 1st BB & GB camp in which we collaborated together with 3rd KL GB whose base is also located in the same school. It was a difficult project as there was about 200 boys and girls attending the event. It was a new project which we were pioneers of. I had a great time working together with my GB counterpart Nicole Low. Together we started the project together with a whole team behind us. In the end there were some hiccups but it turned out to be huge success.

As 2013 came to a close I took a break from BB to catch up on my studies as my SPM was coming up. I needed the time to focus on my studies but I was also constantly coming back once in a while to check up on them. This year, it thought a lot more about leadership and also planning skills. I am grateful to have been given all this opportunity to experience all this and it has made me what I am today. It has been an experience in which I will never forget forever.

Throughout this whole time, God has constantly held me back to show me something I could learn and also expose me to so many opportunities so that I can learn from my mistakes. God continues to encourage me even now to go back to help in BB as a helper even though I can’t commit again as a member. My experience in BB has brought me closer to him as when I feel troubled or pressure with all the things I have to do, He is there for me

In the end, BB has already played a big part in my life and I would not have traded it for any other experience and is grateful that I was given this experience.

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