My Life As a Boy

Posted on 02-Jul-2014

Written by Lance Corporal Brendan Eu Che-Jie of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

June 15, 2014

Years ago, I decided to join The Boys’ Brigade. Looking back at my days as a Boy, it was just like a roller coaster ride. I have experienced many ups and downs, and have even considered to part from BB as well. However, I believe that God has a purpose in every single thing that he had placed in our life. All these experiences help me grow to be a stronger person because I have learned a lot from The Boys’ Brigade. Honestly speaking, The Boys’ Brigade is something that will wear you out physically and even mentally at times, but it is the steadfast will in your heart that will allow you to persevere to the end. As the phrase “Sure and Steadfast” that is derived from the BB motto. I can proudly say that I will never regret that I have made a choice to enroll myself in The Boys’ Brigade.


It was year 2011 when my company, 12th Kuala Lumpur, first shifted operations into my school, Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur, to further establish itself to as a school based Company. I was Form 1 at that time and we were in an orientation session led by our current Captain, a Lieutenant then, Mr. Nicholas Yeap. I could not remember what really fascinated me to join BB, except for the sports session. Maybe I could say that my brother and I decided to join BB just to play sports. Truly joining The Boys’ Brigade has been a unique experience. We are able to learn on the BB knowledge and to know our schoolmates better other than just playing sports. But the suffering to bear was way beyond my capability.

The most gruesome thing was during our very first Boot Camp at the start of the year. As recruits, we were asked to wake up in the middle of the night, to run 30 rounds around the basketball court and to do many more physical exercises. Many of us could not take it and we had to draw ourselves back from the basketball court. We had 30 recruits who joined us at the beginning of the year, reduced by 10 after the Boot Camp, and 10 again at the end of year 2011. We had only around 10-15 members left and it was a pretty bad shape for 12th KL then. I even had considerations playing in my mind to leave the Company. After all, it was too tiring and torturing for me. However, my mother did not agree on me leaving Boys’ Brigade and suggested me to stay for one more year to try things out. I didn’t want to at first because all my friends had left the building, but finally I’ve made the choice to hold on for one more year. 

Then came year 2012 as my second year in BB. As usual, I was reluctant to attend weekly parades and my attendance wasn’t very pleasing at that time. Attending parades was something pointless to me since I have already decided to withdraw from Boys’ Brigade. If you ask what made me stay till now? Was there any turning point in my Brigade life? Well, the answer is PESTA!

Pesta 2012 came about and this event was the turning point of my life as a Brigadier. It was one of the most wonderful moments that I have experienced. Over there in BB Pesta 2012, I get to meet new people from different states and countries alike. I also have the chance to spectate the fascinating display from various talents from different Companies during the national Drill Competition, Singing Competition and Dancing Competition. I managed to experience the fun side of BB through this event and it was a whole new experience for me. I could say that PESTA gave me a new meaning in my Brigadier life. Pesta was meaningful and it brings out ethical values that we could practice in our life. By then, I was really looking forward to the next Pesta in 2014. Pesta is something that could easily arouse one’s interest and love for Boys’ Brigade. After that, I was never the same. I had become an active member of my company and I would try my best to attend every parade as well as to serve the company well.

Time flew and it was year 2013. More recruits joined and I with some other more Senior members, was given the task to facilitate the Recruits. This time I didn’t back out although it was tiring to ‘babysit’ the Recruits; to teach them BB fundamentals, to teach them to cope with the BB life and to persuade them to stay. I used to shy away from any responsibilities given and I always hate to facilitate new Recruits. But now I found the joy in teaching and socializing with the Recruits in my squad. I was indulged in overflowing happiness especially when I get to know that the Recruits in my squad had passed their Target Test. Never was I this happy before. The Officers Council also organized a number of motivational camps at Company level such as the Leadership Camp. I began to see the importance of setting good examples and learning the trades of BB. 

All the leaders would gather together and not only to discuss about issues in the company, but also to build team spirit and leadership skills among members through fun activities. The camp was something fruitful because I was motivated by the Officers. During the last Enrollment Day, I was promoted to Lance Corporal. I was happy as a lark. Things did not just stop there. I still try my level best to do whatever I can for the betterment of my Company, to bring it to greater heights. It is my ultimate responsibility and goal to do so.

 This year, I started looking into Boys’ Brigade from a whole new perspective. I have truly understood what Boys’ Brigade is all about. I was fortunate to join Pesta again this year and to meet a whole new bunch of friends. With more tasks pending for me to take on, I can assure myself to complete it with perfection. Although my friends have been dropping out from BB after every year, and I am left with 4 including me in my age group, these minor problems would not easily hinder me from dropping out. With every responsibility to come, it will always have a fruitful ending once you break through the difficulties. And with every experience you have been through it helps you to grow stronger. To me, the strong one stays and the stronger one stands. The Boys’ Brigade is something more than a uniform unit, it is a unique journey. 

To all Boys’ Brigade members out there, stop hiding and stand up for your company and work towards greater heights. To those who want to quit or to even draw back, think twice, because I am your living testimony and I have never ever regretted to join this ministry. For all the awesome four years I have, I just want to thank my friends and my officers who had walked on this journey with me. I hope that my life in The Boys’ Brigade wouldn’t end here but instead to be a start of my endless journey.

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