NCOs Training School 2012

Posted on 24-Aug-2012

Report by Private Teo Chong Guan of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company
August 24-26, 2012
Day One

The Kuala Lumpur Boy’s Brigade held its annual Basic NCOs’ Training School on the 24th -26th of August 2012 at Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur with a total of 33 BB members from different companies in Kuala Lumpur and 1st Seremban taking part. 11 from our company, 12th Kuala Lumpur took part in this camp.

The camp started off with the opening ceremony in which the “flag sergeant” raised the flag as the members sang along to the Anchor Song. This was followed by an inspection by all the officers-in-charge of the camp, Mr Kenny Voon, Mr Issac Chua, Mr Steven, Mr Valter Woo and Mr Edwin Tham. Several dozen rounds of push-ups were administered by the end of the opening ceremony and inspection. 


At around 4:00pm, everyone was asked to go downstairs for drill. The officers went through the basic drill and everything else. Drill ended around 5:00 pm and everyone was given free time to wash up. After wash up, everyone proceeded to the canteen for their dinner. Almost everyone ate their hearts out as they were all tired from the drilling session before this. After dinner, we proceeded once again to the lecture theatre for lessons on the topic “ Communications”. Then, we went to our classes for the officers to teach more about the topic.

We all proceeded to the canteen and ate our lunch after which we proceeded to the lecture theatre for our first module entitled “Every Member is a Pioneer”. Soon after, we were asked to go to proceed to our classes and continue the lesson carried out by the respective officers.
Day Two

At around 7:00 am, everyone was already downstairs for breakfast. We had around half an hour to eat before they asked us to return to our dorms for an inspection. Once completed, everyone proceeded to the lecture theatre once again for praise and worship.

After Praise and Worship, we continued on the course of BNTS. This time, the topic of the lesson was “Character”. After the briefing, we were asked to go back to the classrooms for the officers to teach more about the topic as usual. Lessons went on normally and soon it was time for lunch. We ate our lunch in the canteen before going back for more classes. At around 4:00pm, drill was conducted by Mr Sim from 3rd Kuala Lumpur company. It was quite tough as he was rather strict compared to other officers in the camp.


Finally, we were asked to go back to our dorms and lights out was at around 11:30pm.

After drill was sports. Everyone was divided into 3 groups for Futsal, Basketball and Physical Training. All 3 groups did what sports according to their group name. After around half an hour, the session was concluded and everyone was given a free isotonic drink before taking their showers. After showers, we had our lunch before having the last session about “How To Give A Good Presentation”. We then proceeded to our classrooms for the final class together before heading downstairs for supper. Halfway through supper, we were called to fall in at the basketball court, but were late and hence made to do push-ups according to Mr Steven’s timing. It was very, very tiring and most of our arms we rather sore after that. After punishments, all of us were asked to give our opinions on how the BNTS had gone so far. Most replies were favourable and about new friendships made after the camp. 

Finally, we were asked to go back to our dorms and lights out was at around 11:30pm.


Day Three

On the last day of BNTS, everyone woke up around 6:00am to prepare for the exams early in the morning. We took breakfast around 7:00am before having another round of dorm inspections by our respective officers. At around 9:30am, the exams started and lasted around 1 hour 30 minutes. Those whom were done had their papers marked on the spot before the officers announced their results later on. Most members managed to pass the exams and were soon overjoyed.

After the exams, everyone was asked to go downstairs for the closing ceremony. It took around 30 minutes to finish the closing ceremony and as soon as we knew it, BNTS was almost over. After the closing ceremony, we went for lunch in the canteen for the last time. After consuming lunch, we took our squad photos before going upstairs to pack our own bags and prepare to leave. Soon after, we were dismissed by the officer-in-charge Mr Kenny and soon left for home.



Everyone enjoyed themselves even though BNTS truly was a tough experience. Those whom passed know that they can go back to their companies and maybe become an NCO, but those whom failed know that they will have a retest and will do their level best to pass this time.

I personally felt that BNTS was more lenient than the time I went last year. We did a lot less punishments compared to last year and the classes were rather easy as I had went through it

 KL State BNTS 2012 participants
ANTS 2012 Report
Simultaneously with the BNTS, the Advanced NCOs’ Training School was also in effect. A relatively small group of 20 participants from 1st KL, 3rd KL, 10th KL, 12th KL and 1st Johor Bahru companies were divided among two squads, each under the capable hands of Mr Nicholas Yeap (12th KL) and Mr Andrew Tan (10th KL) as coaches. The headcoach was none other than Mr Jonathan Chan (1st KL) who was also KL State’s Training Chairman.
 KL State ANTS 2012 Group Picture