No Apologies!

Posted on 29-Jun-2013

Written by Lance Corporal Stanley Chia of 3rd Kuala Lumpur Company

June 1st, 2013
BRICKFIELDS, KUALA LUMPUR - As an adolescent, teenagers have always wondered about the birds and the bees. With the Focus on the Family team collaborating with the 3rd KL Boys’ Brigade, the character-based sexuality program entitled No Apologies reached out to 32 individuals on a sunny Saturday afternoon. These boys and girls enjoyed the fast-paced workshop that started with the age old question of “Who am I?” As these young people learnt the importance of individuality, the organizing team used simple activities like throwing newspaper balls and making teh tarik to illustrate the significance of having a purpose and goal in life. These youths were also invited to draft both short term and long term plans for their futures.

After a refreshing break, participants were amazed as Peter, the organizing team leader, spoke about the power of the media as well as the way the media uses popular icons such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Craig to promote certain products and brands in both movies and advertisements.


However, the biggest lesson learnt must have been assistant leader, Patience’s session on pornography. Using the classic example of putting stones into a transparent jug full of water, she explained that the stones represented the scenes in porn. By putting these stones into the jug, the water that overflows symbolizes the loss of innocence in a person’s mind. She said that the impact was so profound that even if you take out the stones from the jug, you will never be able to fully recover as the “images would be scarred unconsciously at the back of your mind”.           

Towards the end, the team addressed current day issues like sex before marriage and welfare dependence for adults. While engaging in sex may be exhilarating and fun, the youths were led to believe that the consequences of premarital sexual involvements were very severe.

At the end of the workshop, youths were invited to sign a sexual abstinence pledge card. While some people hesitated to pick up cards at the start, almost all of the pledge cards prepared by the team was signed on the spot. When prompted for feedback, 18 year-old participant Ernest Chin believed that premarital sex was indeed a “dangerous and sinful act”.

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