Our Awesome God

Posted on 23-Oct-2014

Feature by Junior Adriel Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

Published October 23rd, 2014
An old television program features a man trying to lift two cars. During the show, his muscles strain and glisten with sweat as he makes all sorts of noises trying to lift them. To the crowds amazement, his efforts paid of as he lifted the cars a full meter! Everyone that was watching went crazy with excitement as he stepped up and received the car keys to the two cars, his prize.

Should one have watched that program, one would have thought, “How on earth did he make it? He must have super strength! He is amazing, awesome! Etc… etc...” Everyone in this world that has the insignificant right to be praised has been glorified greatly by many. There is, however, one person, though not exactly a person, who is so much more awesome than anyone, but has only been glorified by a third of all humans living today - Our awesome God.

The size of the planet Earth, our home, is 12,742km in diameter, discovered by a mathematician named Eratosthenes. The tallest man that has ever lived is the late Robert Wadlow. He was 2.72m tall - insanely tall. Yet the earth is 5 million times his height. A Malaysian fifty-cent coin has a surface area of 6cm cubed. If one were to try to cover up the earth with fifty-cent coins, one would have to use 8.5 x 1013 fifty-cent coins, worth 40 trillion Malaysian Ringgit!

We humans are tiny in comparison to God. Though we don't know exactly how big God is, the Bible gives us some hints about His size. The Bible says that the whole universe fits into God's span ( Isaiah 40:12). Another part of the Bible says that the Earth is the Lord's footstool. God is gigantic.

At night they come out without being fetched and by day they are gone without being stolen. They appear to witness the twilight without being called, a sailor's guide and a poet's tears. They are lost to sight each day without the hand of a thief. What are they? Stars. Just look out on any normal night and see the glory of God staring down. Billions of stars that look identical to the naked eye scream out the majestic power and glory of the lord. There are definitely more stars than humans in the whole universe. That may seem very farfetched, for there are seven billion to eight billion humans on earth, but that is true. For to take a census of the number of humans on earth has been done before, but to count the number of stars in the universe is unthinkable! Just look at this picture of stars.... try to count the number of stars in that picture. It might as well be impossible for one to count all the stars in the universe, yet God can, and has. He even named all of them! (Psalm 147:4) Our God, who has created the stars, the universe, Boys Brigade, everything, so awesome. Whether its running the praise and worship on a typical BB day, or playing games on a computer, why not praise Him for it?

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