Our Favourite Worship Songs

Posted on 11-Dec-2014

By Lance Corporal Fong Fang Te of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 24th,  2014

Worship session had been held for every parade to praise our Lord. We sing with all our hearts to uplift the name of the Lord. There are, of course, songs that we love the most. Here I will tell what the songs are and why we love it.

One of the songs we love is “One Way” as it is an up tempo song and excites us and glorifies the Lord at the same time. It truly it's one of the best as it brings out the spirit in us and we could enjoy the process in the meantime. It is also a catchy song that makes us want to sing more. It let us know that we should live by faith and not by pride. We must live for His name as He is the Way, the Truth, and The Life. This is why this song is one of our favourites.

Another song that we love is “10000 reasons”; a soothing song and is one of the best as it shows us the reason to stay as a God fearing person. It also expresses how the songwriter sincerely felt about the Lord and why he stays as a Christian. It has a slow tempo that is able to show the feeling of his while he was writing this song. Through this we know the reason to worship and have faith in Him. It is truly a song of our life as it touches most of our hearts and souls. It comforts our souls and that is why it is one of the best songs we ever heard.
The next song we constantly sing is “Happy Day”. This song is also another up-tempo song and it too brings excitement to all of us. It has a repetitive verse "Oh Happy Day" that shows the saved ones as happy ones. It shows that God had washed our sins away as he is our Saviour. Our lives will never be the same again because we believed in Him. The songwriter also expresses that he felt happy because God is with him.
Furthermore, we also have another oldtime favourite “Amazing Grace”. It is one of the most frequently played songs as a Christian hymn. The songwriter believed that mankind who do good will be saved from eternal damnation. We are also interested in this song as it gives us a more grand understanding of redemption. It also sends the message that human sin is washed clean through Jesus’s death on the cross for us. It tells us how big the grace God has gave us. It softened our hearts and minds so they can receive God’s message.
One of the latest addition into our collection of worship songs is titled ‘Christ is Enough’. It is a slow-tempo song and it really brings up the feeling of worshipping to both the singers and the listeners. In this song the songwriter shows how he feels when he has Christ with him and felt that it was enough as anything else materialistic is hard to fulfil his wishes. This song was loved by us because it is a truly touching song and we can’t forget the lyrics and the meaning it brought out to us.

So these are the worship songs that we listened to and were our favourites. It glorifies God’s name and was the best of the best.

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