Pesta Day 0 Report - Tour and Food Trip!

Posted on 17-Jun-2014

Report by Private Teh Eng Hong of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

June 6th, 2014

KAMPAR, PERAK - This year the long-awaited 21st Pesta and Convention 2014 was in ‘one of the sunbathing hotspots in the world’, Kampar, central Perak. The 12th Kuala Lumpur Company was represented by 44 Boys and 3 Officers in this edition. Although we did not participate in any of the competitions, we decided to leave for Kampar on the 6th of June 2014.

At one glance on the itinerary, there was nothing much going on other than the registration and checking-in to the dorms for Day 0. Therefore, clad in our company t-shirt, we gathered in our beloved school compound as early as 7.30am. Everyone, especially the Recruits were so happy and began to chat away while the NCOs and officers were busy on their final checking so that we wouldn’t leave anything behind. Finally, the bus arrived at 7.45am and everyone helped to load things onto the bus.

Our first stop was Kellie’s Castle and the bus was filled with merry chatty lively noises. Everyone seemed to have so much to talk about for the 1.5 hours of journey. Upon reaching Kellie’s Castle, we went to explore the Castle while taking pictures. Some even took lots of selfies! We spent about 45 minutes there.

We then made our way back to the bus to head for Restaurant Yau Kee at Kampar town for our lunch. We pre-ordered some dishes, a curry chicken bun which is the specialty of the restaurant. All of us sat in four different tables and served each other with the dishes. The restaurant was filled with our lively laughter. It all felt as if 12th KL helped to liven the atmosphere around the dining tables! Even the bus driver joined us for the lunch. After that, we continued to head towards Westlake International School for Registration. After the registration, we were directed to our dorms in another school nearby to unload our luggage. We were given three dorms; one of which we had to share with 10th KL. As happy as lark, we all quickly put our luggage and locked up before we went back to the bus. Next on our list : The tour of Gua Tempurung!
At Gua Tempurung, we all chose Tour of the World. We were led by one guide to was patiently escorting all of us into the caves. Being a customary tour guide, he entertained us with stories as we went to different spots of the caves. The tour lasted about 1 hour but we didn’t feel exhausted at all! Time really passed by so fast before we even knew it. Fortunately, we did not get wet. After learning much about stalactites and stalagmites in the famous “Fallen Warrior”, we proceeded to settle at SK Sentosa after our dinner at Chan Siew Heng Claypot Chicken Rice Shop. We had a sumptuous dinner, and everyone was really full. Though it was evening, everyone agreed that we had a great time fellowshipping as a Company; between Boys and Officers. The Privates and the Recruits were so happy and excited, sharing stories even around the dinner table.

Once everyone was done, we all headed back to our dorm. There was plenty of fellowship time before wash up and we took advantage of the time by repeatedly practising and reciting our recently phrased ‘Company Cheer’. We were required to practice for the Cheer and present to Captain. We all gathered in one dorm, supervised by Lt Andrew, to practice for the cheers. At last, we were ready with our Company Cheers and invited Captain to come to hear it. We were glad Captain was pleased with the Cheers. As a reward, we then had supper at a nearby McDonald’s. As the bus had gone back to KL, we had to walk to the outlet, passing by coffee shops, and hawker stalls. Upon reaching McDonald’s, we saw long queues of customers, mainly were UTAR students. We chose a nice spot where all of us could be seated as a Company to enjoy our fellowship over supper. Finally, we returned to our dorms before midnight.
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