Pesta Day 1 Report - Opening Ceremony, Meeting New Friends, and Band Competition

Posted on 18-Jun-2014

Report by Private Teh Eng Hong of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

June 7th, 2014


KAMPAR, PERAK - On Day 1, the rise and shine time was at 6 am, but most would wake up way earlier than that, because this was the day of the opening ceremony, and we were all required to put on our ceremonial uniform. A bugle call signaled the official start of the 21st National Pesta. After breakfast, we all gathered for a quick devotion at one of the dorms, and then put on our ceremonial uniforms. Within a few minutes, the members and the officers, both clad in navy blue and white departed to UTAR Sports Complex for the opening ceremony. The members had more time to polish their uniform parts while the officers gathered at Westlake International school hall for the platoon officers’ briefing from 8.30am to 9.00am.


At 9.30am, all participants were transferred to the Tunku Abdul Rahman University Sports Complex for both the rehearsal and the official decorum. All the formalities aside, the 21st Pesta and Convention was officially declared open in Kampar, Perak to the release of clusters of helium balloons. One could notice the obvious sunburns on the Guard of Honour and State Contingent March Past participants. Then, the fact struck us that all of us were required to participate in the March Past. Being part of the Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade State Council, we assembled together with the rest of the Companies to form our March Past Contingent.

Mr. Darryn Chiew, LT, and Mr. Andrew Tan, LT, assisted by a few staff sergeants supervised us for the Contingent March Past . The stadium was lively with few activities happening simultaneously; each State Councils form their march past contingents to practice, the Pesta Guard of Honour rehearsing their drill formation, and there were even two bands rehearsing for the opening ceremony.

When the opening ceremony started, the Guard of Honour (G.O.H.) marched in and The Boys’ Brigade Malaysia President, Mr. Loh Pao Joo, CPT, and the VIP, Tan Sri Benard Dompok inspected the Guard of Honour. After the inspection of the Guard of Honour, the march past contingents marched one round and then took their positions. Boys' Brigade Malaysia’s Chaplain did the opening prayer. BBM President delivered his speech and was followed by the VIP, Tan Sri Benard Dompok. Then, the opening oath lead by a staff sergeant.

The opening Ceremony concluded after the awarding of Brigade Awards (Gold Badge, President’s Badge, Founder’s Badge) to recipients. Lunch was served at UTAR Sports Complex. We witnessed a large number of recipients receiving their awards. Amongst those who received their President’s Award were SSgt. Ethan Peris of 2nd Kuala Lumpur and Cpl. Brian Ee of 10th Kuala Lumpur.

After lunch was the Pesta 2014 overview at Westlake International School. During that time, we all lined up in our platoons respectively: Platoons A to K. The entire afternoon session was for the Pesta Overview and Platoon Ice-Breaking. Due to space constraint, these sessions were conducted concurrently within the Westlake School compound. Platoons A - E had their Platoon Overview while Platoons F – K had their Platoon Ice Breaking first. One hour later, the Platoons A – E had their Ice Breaking and Platoons F – K had their Overview. Everything went according to plan and much earlier so there was more time for wash up and dinner.

Dinner was served at our respective campsites (SK and SMK Sentosa and Westlake International School). We all went to TAR College Hall for Dream High Keynote 1 and the Band Competition. Key note 1 was started by an inspiring speech by a doctor who highlighted the similarities between a turkey and an eagle as compared to a loser and a winner. The speaker was so inspiring and amusing in his speech that he managed to capture all our attention!  

The Band Competition was a highly awaited activity for some companies. Well, they were not disappointed. This year’s band competition was slightly different. For the first time ever, the Pesta committee had decided to hold an indoor band competition. It was exciting to see all these teams coming together to give their best performances on stage, to entertain the participants with their numbers of medleys.

The 1st KL Company Band was declared the champion and that ended the many years of reigning championship held by the defending champion 1st JB Company Band. However, the most entertaining band title was awarded to 1st JB Company Band. After the competition ended, we all went back to our campsites and retired for the night after a light supper.
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