Pesta Day 3 Report - Platoon Games

Posted on 20-Jun-2014

Report by Private Jit Lee of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

June 9th, 2014
KAMPAR, PERAK - The 3rd day kick-started with a hearty breakfast and dorm devotion. Each member in each dorm shared about dreaming a big dream, and shared their dreams with their fellow dorm-mates. We then amassed at the common area and listened to a testimony by Lance Corporal Melissa Soo from 2nd Subang Jaya about how God had changed her life. Then came the Inter-Platoon Games.

The platoons were separated into sub-platoons and we went from area to area and station to station to play the variety of games that encouraged bonding between fellow platoon members. Games varied from dressing up members as characters in the movie ‘Avengers’ with newspaper that was followed by a catwalk, dodgeball, answering questions for fear of being splashed with water, playing the all-too-familiar ‘one-two-jus!’ in the swimming pool, and the one that really got infused into our memory: the giant Pesta Ball. The bonding that grew between the members during this time was unforgettable.


After wash-up and dinner at 5 in the evening, we all went to the TARUC Hall for the Youth Concert. A wonderful session of praise and worship had everyone psyched up and then Pastor Clement came up to convey his message. He told many jokes, which kept us listening intently. He also talked about solemn things like where we would go after this life, and reassurance in God. His message spoke to many hearts, and many came forth to accept Jesus that night. It was a night of revelation.

After the concert, everyone returned to their areas once again for a good rest, ready to embrace the next day.

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