Pesta Day 4 (Final) Report - Town Tour and the Grand Finale

Posted on 20-Jun-2014

Report by Lance Corporal Nathan Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company
June 10th, 2014
KAMPAR, PERAK - Compared to most BB camps, Pesta was relaxing. Though the first 3 hours of the morning was routine, the rest of the day was full of fun and surprises. By 10:45am, everybody had gathered in the WIS hall. Despite the size of the hall, the room, with a thousand and five hundred people, was extremely crowded. After much confusion, all platoons set off. Some headed to the old Kampar town, the rest to Ipoh. The event was termed a tour, but it was more like a full-fledged game in itself. Though many were delayed in their way to the locations, the schedule was set. With the little time they had, the individual squads of each platoon strived to complete all the tasks allocated to them.
From the purchase of snacks and food, to the photography of specific locations, each task was designed to highlight the regions specialities. Though some tasks required much walking, the destinations proved to be worth the aching legs and sunburnt skin. After hours of “touring” the towns and a hearty lunch, all returned to the campsites in preparation for the grand finale.

The heat while walking around town was blistering. Worse still, when we needed to wear our ceremonial uniforms. Thankfully, the sun was already setting by then. So in our uniforms we marched in parade. Contingent after contingent of brigadiers followed by a combined Malaysian band, made of players from all over the nation, marching down the street from the Kampar Police Station to a nearby hall.

The grand banquet that followed was simply that. Though some had to sweat “like nobody’s business”, as the hall was not large enough for the 1.5 hundred participants, the vibrant environment and stream of savory dishes made up for it. At the end of the day, everybody exhausted themselves playing cards all the way till 1am - a fitting end to end of a wonderful time together.
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