Photogenic Squad Competition

Posted on 21-Oct-2014

Report by Corporal Brendan Eu Che-Jie of 12th Kuala Lumpur

September 29th, 2014

SENTUL - Coming to Boys’ Brigade at times can be deem routine and uninteresting especially with such predictable and planned parade activities – drill, badgework, praise and worship, Word session, and push-ups. Year-end Parades will even see poor attendance as many Members might choose to spend the day at home whilst preparing for the coming Final Examinations that are just around the corner. I suppose all BB Companies share the same heart cry; the same thought once we usher in the last quarter of the year.

Similarly, back in my Company, we have been experiencing irregular attendance especially the Form 1’s as they will be having the finals in the end October. In order to boost attendance and to encourage the Members to come parade, we normally will have some off-parade activities or outings just before the exam season official. This year, we have a new idea – to launch the Most Photogenic Squad Competition. The idea came as our Sergeant realized that the general morale and ‘serious’ facial expression of most of the Members. Since we only left a few parades before our second most anticipated event of the year – Awards Day in November, we decided to have another competition at squad level to boost squad morale.

After discussing with our Officers and getting consent from our Captain, our Sergeant Ong made the official announcement to the NCOs. We are told that there will only two sessions of photo taking for our squads. The first session will be on 27 September during Squad Time. Each squad is supposed to have its own most creative posing before the Company official photographer.

Parade on 27 September began as usual. NCO fall in at 7.30am and all NCOs were reminded to lead their Squad Members during the photo taking for the competition. Members, as usual, came for Opening Parade 7.50am before we proceeded to the Chapel for Praise and Worship. Just before Squad Time, Sergeant Ong announced to the Members that each squad is required to take its Most Photo genic pose for the competition. Each Squad is given 5 minutes to think of a creative pose.

Together with all my other Comrades, we began to crack our brain to come up with a creative pose. I could sense the excitement in the Chapel as every Squad discussed amongst themselves what kind of pose they would make. I could almost tell who among the Members are experts in the art of selfie by the poses they made.

Squad One, led by Corporal Brian Eu, couldn’t think of any poses initially but decided to make one Member as a big baby being carried by the rest of them. Squad Two, led by Lance Corporal Steve Lay, on the other hand, decided to line up in; one Member sitting on the floor and on the other end one Member being carried up. Every Member is required to turn towards the smallest Member being lifted up. Squad Three, led by Lance Corporal James Ng, had its signature pose of the Corporal Yap Ming Yang. With only four Members, two members were seen piggybacking two Members with Ming Yang holding the Squad File. Such hilarious act they had there.


Next come Squad Four, led by Lance Corporal Teh Eng Hong, having nine Members, posing with one Member lying on the ground giving a ‘lame’ look. The rest of the Members just stood by giving their best smile. Squad Five, having only three Members, had a difficulty striking a creative pose. Hence, the pose was Lance Corporal carried a ‘big baby’ while being watched by Corporal Nicholas Ng.


Squad Six, in the absence of Lance Corporal Johnston Tan, did a ‘symmetrical human formation’ – three Members formed in the centre with one Member on each side striking with a hand pointing upwards to the left or to the right respectively. Squad Seven, led by Lance Corporal Samuel Siew, did a human pyramid formation with only six Members. Trailing behind, was my Squad Eight with only one Member and myself. All my other Members were absent for some reasons. The only pose I could think of was just to strike a ‘superman’ pose.


Squad Nine, led by Lance Corporal Alex Ong, together with his four Members, decided to strike a cool pose – standing while looking to their left, grasping cap close to their chest as if saying I am proud to be a BB Member. Last, but not least, Squad Ten, led by Lance Corporal Hoshea Tiang and Lance Corporal Zander Cheah, strike a simple smiling pose with all them standing in a rotational manner behind one Private smiling at one direction.       

All in all, everyone enjoyed striking the pose for the camera before we proceeded to our Squad Drill time. I am sure some of us are looking forward to the second session for the competition. I wonder which squad will win. Till then, let’s keep cross our fingers for the best Squad to win.

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