Pitching Tents!

Posted on 19-Nov-2014

Written by Junior Adriel Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 18th, 2014

CHERAS - The sun illuminated the field, warming it while warning us of a baking hot day to come. The parade commander then shouted out an order, and rows of Boys Brigade members advance. Everything was normal. Yet, no one, not even the NCOs that were running it, knew just how wonderful an event the afternoon would hold.

The beginning of the 18th of October 2014 held few surprises for the members of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company. Neither was anyone expecting anything out of the norm. There was a session of praise and worship, led by Lance Corporal J Enn. It went smoothly, until the the speakers were accidentally blasted to the point of massive feedback.

After it finished, Mr. Chan made some announcements regarding the coming Founders Day, elaborating on the changes to the schedule of that day. After that, the Seniors left and the Juniors stayed on for their Word, led by Corporal Nathan Chan, on being Guided by God. The Juniors were compelled to listen to the word due to the promise of sweets to be given out to those who answered questions correctly.

When it was over, Sergeant Jia Qian announced that the Juniors would be learning how to pitch a tent. An assortment of clapping hands and cheers greeted the prospect of learning to set up tents, and the fun began. To give us a basic idea of the process, Sergeant Brian showed us a 5 minute video of three kids setting a three man tent by themselves.

After that, we started to actually assemble a real tent. It was a seemingly impossible challenge to all that have never touched a tent before. Yet with God nothing is impossible, and the task was finished an hour later. No one could say that they were unsatisfied with the day, and all were pleased with their accomplishment as the day ended.

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