Profile Feature: Interview with Mr. Andrew Tan

Posted on 02-Nov-2014

Feature by Junior Adriel Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

Published November 2nd, 2014
Many people have, for the sake of The Boys Brigade, made many sacrifices for The Boys Brigade. Be it, time or money, these sacrifices have contributed to the growth of the BB. One of these people who have sacrificed much is a BB Lieutenant, Mr. Andrew Tan. Today, after being in BB for more than five years, that sacrifice has bore fruit.

Mr. Andrew Tan first joined the 10th Kuala Lumpur Company in 2008 as a Warrant Officer, due to the resignation of another officer. To him, Boys Brigade was part of the youth ministry, in which he has been serving for the past 10 years. As he put it, “I don't exactly remember when God actually called me into youth ministry but He has confirmed His calling in my life in many ways”

Serving in The Boys' Brigade has never been easy. “One part of me wants to serve in BB fully but on the other hand I need to make a living out of my career and vocation. But, praise God for He has been faithfully providing the right people to work with along the way and I have made a number of good friends and comrades in the Brigade ministry.” Additionally, good leaders are always hard to find, even among NCOs, “Some are capable but they too are being bogged down by demands and expectations from their school teachers and parents alike.”

Yet, serving in The Boys' Brigade is not without reward. “The satisfaction and sense of fulfillment in seeing the Boys growing in their faith and character and serving their community and circle of friends... all these experiences are priceless.” Some stand out from the rest. “Back when I was still in 10th KL, I led two youths to Christ, and now they are doing so well in their Company and in their studies.”

“Most of my "friends" are youths; some of them have now become young adults and some who are Christians have even started to serve not just in BB, but also in youth ministry in their churches for some others have ventured into NGO, helping needy ones and serving the underprivileged ones. [I] still keep in touch with most of them and it is very encouraging to hear of their well beings, that they are doing so well in their study and work.”

As he teaches us week by week, he also learns simply by staying in BB. “Perhaps one of the best [lessons] to be more patient when dealing with [the boys] in getting them to work on some projects and to follow up and follow through with them till the completion of the project.”

Indeed, running a company is definitely a gigantic project, one that may sometimes seem hopeless. Yet he still manages to hope. “[That] the Boys now in my Company will grow to be strong men of God that will impact the society; a generation of leaders that will walk the talk; be a blessing to their community and society. [I also hope that] God will send in more Officers and raise more leaders from within with the right heart to serve in their vocation.

Many sacrifices have been made by many officers for The Boys' Brigade. Mr. Andrew Tan may only be one of them, yet he alone has sacrificed much for the members of The Boys' Brigade.

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