Recalling Pesta 2014, My Most Memorable Moment

Posted on 25-Nov-2014

By Private Lam Wei Shen of the 1st Kuala Lumpur Company
Published November 25th, 2014
It was the day that has been waited by all of The Boys’ Brigade Company in Malaysia – the BB Pesta 2014. The 1st KL Boy’s Brigade Company took part in two competitions, which are the Band Competition, and Dancing Competition. Everyone was waiting to enter the war. We were well prepared because we had camps and we practiced during the camp before going to the Pesta. The theme for this year’s BB Pesta is “Dream High”, which was very interesting.
On that day, we assembled at the Wesley Church to take our attendance. Everybody was moving their luggage with excitement, especially for the Form 1s because it was their first time attending the biggest event in the company. We also took our musical instruments onto the bus. After everything has done we departed from Kuala Lumpur to Perak, Kampar. 
During the journey to Perak, everybody was busy talking and playing phone. Some of them were very curious about what was going to happen and what would they do in this 5-days-4-nights camp. We took 2 hours and 30 minutes to arrive the destination. The place was very busy when we got there. Upon our arrival, everybody jumped off the bus happily and moved our belongings into the school. After that, we were separated into our respective platoons.
The next day was the most exciting day which is the Opening Ceremony of the BB Pesta 2014. It was held in the UTAR complex. With the launching of the Opening Ceremony, the BB Pesta 2014 was officially started. The most enjoyable competition for me was the Band Competition because everybody was participating in the competition. We played two songs which were the “Flight of Valor” and “The Fox”. All the audience enjoyed listening to our music and it has touched them. Eventually, we were entitled Champion for the Band Competition.
Besides, I also enjoyed some other activities, especially the Round Town Procession and the Closing Ceremony which we could showcase our BB culture to citizens in Kampar. We also had mouth-watering food during the Closing Ceremony. Finally, the BB Pesta 2014 has come to an end. We returned to our respective home and I felt very happy that I could attend the BB Pesta 2014. I hope that the next BB Pesta will be more exciting.

My in Experience Pesta 2014

By Private Wong Zhu Liang, Steven of 1st Kuala Lunpur Company

“Dream High” was the theme for the 21st National Pesta and Convention for the Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia which took place at Kampar, Perak on the 7th to 11th of June, 2014. BB Pesta is held twice a year. It is also known as one of the biggest events which is unique to the Boys' Brigade in Malaysia. The most exciting activity in Pesta is the band competition. This time, the band competition was held on 7th June, the first day of Pesta. It started from 8.00p.m to 10.00p.m at the Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARUC). Here is my experience for the band competition.

The time for band competition has finally arrived. I was very nervous at that moment. I believe everyone is also as nervous as me. Companies arrived at the hall one by one. All of them came with their instruments and some of them even came with other costumes other than the Boys’ Brigade uniform. Guest is coming in slowly. The seats were fully occupied and there was not enough – everyone wanted to see each band to perform.

I am a tuba player, which is the one of the most important instruments in the band. Our first song was “Flight of Valor”. This song is a musical piece written by James Swearingen as a memorial for the victims of United Airlines Flight 93 which crashed in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, on September 11, 2001, attacks. I was very scared because the very first sound of the song came from my instrument. I am always out of pitch during band practice and everyone in the band knows that. This make me even more nervous because I scared I would pull down the whole team. The second song was “The Fox”. It was an entertainment song.


We settle down in the hall. When everything was ready, the competition started. Our band was the 4th team to perform. When the second band was still performing, we went out of the hall and got our instrument for warm up. After finished warming up, we commit everything to God through prayer. We went to the backstage into a room to get prepared. Inside the room, we chilled and relaxed. Our officers were also there to give us words of encouragement. We even took “selfies” in the room. I think this is one of the ways to calm us down.                

It was our turn. It was not very organized when we got up to the stage because the person in charge did not expect the 3rd band to end so fast. After everything was done, we started to do our basic warm up on stage. When we were done, our instructor, Mr. Jonathan Chan, turned to the panel of judges and bowed. I used that few seconds to pray to God to seek for help and calmness.

We started playing the song so I played the first note. I was so proud of myself because it was the first time I play the note correctly. I continue to play the song with a joyful heart. After finishing that song, the dancer started to walk to the front of the stage. It was going to be the second song ‘The Fox’. Before we started playing, Mr. Jonathan reminded us to change to the “Fox Mode”. We started playing the song happily and the dancers also started to dance. The most interesting part of this song was that our conductor, Mr. Jonathan Chan, danced as well. The crowd started to clap and cheer for us because it was so awesome. After finished performing, we headed to the backstage to keep our instruments. Then, we went back to the hall to watch other band performance.

After all the performance, the judge gave comments of each band. With that comments, the entire band would know how to improve their performance. The most exciting part of the competition has come — the announcement of the result. The Third Placing went to 8th Petaling Jaya Company. The Second Placing went to 1st Johor Bahru Company. Last but not least, the Champion went to 1st Kuala Lumpur Company. All 1st KL members jumped to their feet happily. Every one of us was happy, especially the officers and the Form 5 brothers including the two Sergeants. Finally, after around 25 years, we are entitled Champion again. Mr. Jonathan went up to the stage to take the trophy. During that very moment, Madam Wendy also promised us that she would treat us honey drink at the campsite. We were even happier when we heard that. All the hard work was paid off. I hope that we can keep the Champion title again in the next Pesta at Selangor in 2016.

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