Rededication: 10th KLs Enrolment Day

Posted on 29-Apr-2013

Written by Private Joshua Ying, 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

April 13th, 2013

CHERAS, KUALA LUPUR – The sun had barely risen and the day was still young as the band members of our company gathered to rehearse the songs we were going to perform for the mid-morning’s event. It was the day of our ever anticipated Enrolment Day, the day we would rededicate our lives to our company. The rehearsal was short, but effective, and soon the time came for us to prepare for the arrival of our Honourary Captain, Chaplain and parents.

We gathered in Sekolah Sri Sempurna, our meeting ground, promptly at 8.30am to begin our usual parade. Everyone was at their best behaviour and dressed smartly, ties tucked neatly under the collar and belts and boots bright and shiny. It wasn’t too long before we proceeded to the school hall to start off the ceremony.

Left: Band performance. Right: The Chaplain giving a sermon. 

As members and parents were ushered to their seats, the emcees prepared to kick off the event. First up was the marching in of the Colour Party. Looking smart in their red sashes, they slow-marched towards the Chaplain to the song ‘Underneath the Banner’. There was the short exchange of the Colour from Flag Bearer to Chaplain, and then we stood still and upright while declaring ‘Negaraku’ and our ‘Anchor Song’. Worship followed and Lance Corporal Jessy Wong led the hall in praising God.

Next, one by one the recruits marched forward to receive their buttonhole badges from our Honourary Captain. Their faces beamed while they saluted and were rewarded for their hard work. Meanwhile, the band proceeded outside to prepare for their performance. Back inside, a few Christian Education badges were awarded to members.

It was time for one of the highlights of the day – the band performance. Well practiced and ready to roll, they gave their best effort and earned applause. Immediately after that, the brass and woodwind sections went off stage and the percussion section moved forward to present their drum solo. Both performances combined produced a fantastic effect on the audience – their diligence in practice paid off.

Following the presentations, our Chaplain shared a message on the individual purposes of each member in the company. He spoke an inspiring message on how different people are suited to different tasks, and how each person is unique in their own way. The job of the officers is to bring out those unique abilities from each member, so every member can serve the company in special ways.

Left: Awards presentation. Right: Colours Party marching out.

Finally, the time came for the objective of Enrolment Day to be completed – it was time for the pledging of each officer and member in the company to the Boys Brigade. Vows said and promises made, the event was almost over. There was a very special promotion given on that day to Lance Corporal Jessy Wong, from LCPL to Corporal! It was a rare occasion, as usually promotions are given out during Awards Day, but she definitely deserved it for her service to the company.

The marching out of the Colour Party was the last event of the day. Everyone saluted as the party marched past them, and it was only minutes later when the event was officially ended. The parents then went down to the canteen for some refreshments, as we headed outside for our closing parade.

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