Reminiscing Bitter Sweet Moments

Posted on 29-Sep-2015

Everything on earth would come to an end. Good food would soon disappear, time would slip from our hands like sand (simile). And so it was with Boys Brigade. It was the twenty-second of November, the last BB parade for the year 2014. Yet, on that day, when everyone was supposed to be sad and forlorn, we instead were having the time of our lives, playing games, figuring out a murder and more! What started out as a very gloomy opening parade ended as a very merry closing parade for 10th KL. Not many has experienced the amount of fun that we had. And now here is the story of everything that happened on that day.

It started out with the usual opening parade, with Sergeant Brian Er as the parade commander. After the opening parade,we all went to the music room for our customary praise and worship, which was led by Lance Corporal Jit Lee. After that, the Juniors and Seniors separated for their individual word. Upcoming was the main attraction for the day, the games. Lance Corporal Jit Lee came in after everyone came in and proceeded to divide us into four teams, each with the same objective: find out who murdered the infamous Mr. X, and the weapon that was used to commit the horrendous crime. He then gave each team a slip of paper that told us the names of the witnesses and the suspects and sent us of. All of the suspects and witnesses had a mission for every team to complete so that the team can get access to the clue that the person had. These missions included making somebody happy again, proving we are not dumb by answering riddles, getting batteries and goggles to enter the crime scene, and much more! Yet, beware, there were some people who were merely distractions, these people would goad any team in sight to chase him or her. After he or she got caught, that person would give the team a really hard mission, and then reveal that they are nobody significant.

Every team was just starting to find out the true story of the murder when the time ran out. It was time for closing parade and each team rushed to the field at the sound of the trumpets after submitted their answers to Corporal Nathan. It was then that the wining team was announced, along with the second and third place teams. The prizes were... a lot of junk food. We found stacks of Mamee snacks, mentos, sweets and a assortment of other food. Congratulations were passed about as everybody queued up to get some food that were prepared for us. What that actually happened was this: Mr. X had a dinner with a guest, while another person was climbing up a window. While Mr. X was going to get something, the guest got up and opened the fridge to get the shard of ice that he put in before. Mr. X then was promptly stabbed and his guest then melted the weapon in the sup that was present and then knocked himself out. The cook then came into the room while cutting meat to ask something and shrieked after seeing the body. The police officer that was in the house came within a few seconds and arrested everyone, including the guy who climbed up the window. The murderer is found out as he told his his story of going to the toilet and grabbing a golf bat after hearing a strange sound. After the story was revealed, everyone started to go home, sad that another year had passed but expectant at what the next year would bring.

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