Season 2 Rules

Posted on 28-Dec-2014

Who can join this competition?
Boys’ Brigade KL State members ages 9-19* years old
*Joining at a maximum age of 19 years old – 20 years old when competition ends

How to Participate?
To join this competition, participants simply need to provide written articles, provide photos (or even videos) of a BB event or do a write-up of any BB related topics (eg. Company level: Enrolment, boot camp, outings, etc. State Level: NCOs’ Training, Founders’ Day, etc. National: Pesta or even BB related special features). For every entry submitted, points will be awarded to the participant and the company he/she is from. The participants with the most number of points wins the competition!

Changes in Rules and New Procedures
  1. Before proceeding to write a report for a particular event, please email to "book" the report (ie. Send an email asking, "Sir, I would like to write a report about my company boot camp, which will take place next week. Can I book the report?"). The person assigned to write the report will be on a first come, first serve basis. If an article has already been booked or written there is no need for second piece of the same event. Only proceed to covering or writing the event after the webmaster has given approval.
  2. Written reports covering the same event by can only be covered by a maximum of two (2) reporters. A total allocation of a maximum of 10 KUL Points will be given for a single event. Should there be two reporters, both will only receive 5 KUL Points each. Once again, if the event has already been publish, a second report piece is no longer necessary (as per item 1).
  3. "Reflections" or a personal entry of thoughts about an event will now be considered as part of the events article and points will be divided (ie. 1 Report, 1 Reflection = 5 KUL Points each) should the original reporter who successfully booked the report agree to share the article (as per item 2). Therefore, please try to submit your reflective article at the same time together with the official report. Submission of individual reflections after the event report is publish will still be accepted, but only be awarded 2 KUL Points per reporter/submission.
  4. If two (2) reporters from the same company are covering the same event, it will be made aware by the webmaster that the other is intending to cover the same event and will request that points be shared or that only one reporter be assigned.
  5. "Bookings" can be made before or after the event. However, if no report is produced from the reporter who filled the booking within 2 weeks after the event, "tendering" for the article shall be open to other reporters from the same company (first) or other companies on a first-come, first-serve basis (conditions below apply).
  6. Priority will be given to the reporter from company of origin of where an event is taking place. Should no report regarding the event be written within 2 weeks from the date of the event, a reporter from the same company or another company may produce the report. 
  7. It is possible for two reporters from different companies to cover the same event. However, it is advised that the two reporters are in cooperation prior to writing the report, otherwise only the reporter who placed a booking first (priority given to reporter from company of event origin, as per item 6) will be assigned the article (ie. The reporters from two different companies need to already know each other and agree to share the Points and responsibility to write the report, before placing a booking). Condition 2 (above) applies.
  8. It is the responsibility of the reporter to place a booking. If a reporter produces an article without placing a booking, their article will not be accepted, unless no other reporter has filled a competing booking for the event. 
  9. Penalty - if a booking is placed, with no report produced within two (2) weeks after the event, 5 KUL Points will be deducted from the reporter's tally and company's tally.
  10. If you do not receiving a reply to your booking within 48 hours, please call or send a text message to Mr. Voon at 012-2654772.
  • Please write a 2-3 line proposal of what you intend to feature to before proceeding to write about the featured piece (See special features below)
  • Points system for features will are given the same allocation of KUL Points for reports, which are also shared if a maximum of two (2) columnist write a joint feature
  • Testimonials/sharings of the same topic, such as those sharing of their experiences in the BB, will be considered unique features and be allocated the full 10 KUL Points, just so as long as they are not sharing experience of the same particular event
  • The webmaster reserves the right to reject topics deemed unsuitable or repetitive for this website  
  • Minimum word count for features has been increased to 500 words


Duration of competition – 12 months (5th October 2013 – 1st October 2014)

Individual Prizes
To be announced (could be another iPad? Take a chance and start writing today!)

Winning Company
To be announced


Entry Format

1. Can be first person or third person perspective of report writing.

2. At least 3 pictures (maximum 15), which will shortlisted and selected by the editor.

3. Report needs to contain the minimum amount of facts of a event as follows:

  • Date(s) and venue (place name, area, city/town)
  • Authors name, rank and company
  • Nature/purpose of event
  • Details of event – what did they do? Anything out of the ordinary occurred? Etc.
  • Who was there? Any VIPs? Number of participants?
  • Reaction from participants (did the participants enjoy themselves? Learned anything? Etc)

4. Minimum word count : 300* words (reports), 500* words (features)

 5. Maximum word count : 1500* words

*Article will be edited

6. Submissions must be sent in Microsoft Word Format and pictures to be sent SEPARATELY (do not attach in MS Word document, unless it is for editors reference) in high-resolution jpeg/jpg format. Please include captions (brief write-up) for each picture

7. Types of articles

  • Reports on event on company, State or National level
  • Special features – ie. historical write up, interviews, etc
  • Reflections – Thoughts of BB
  • Motivational – Words of encouragements, Spiritual material, etc

8. Send your articles to .

Tip: When you write a story or a report, you would want your readers to know and appreciate what you are talking about. Put yourself in your readers shoes – what would you be interested to know? How would you not make someone bored with what you’ve written



Entry Points Award


ONE (1)

(if two reporters, each gets 5 KUL Points)

Each time a participant submits an article for an event, 10 KUL Points will be awarded to both the participant and the company. Towards the end of the competition, the participant with the most number of points wins. Hence, the more articles you write, the higher the chances for you and your company to win!


  1. Should two or more individual write an article for the same event, the editor will compile the article, make modifications and feature it as a joint article. Authors will be given full amount of KUL point as long as the article is original and meets the above requirements.  (Clause 1 has been updated in detail under Changes in Rules and Procedures)
  2. Personal opinion, if deemed inappropriate, will be removed by the editor. The Editorial committee is not responsible for the personal opinions expressed by participating authors.


  1. Articles cannot defame (report inaccuracies on other) individuals or organizations.
  2. Articles cannot portray areas of sensitivity (racial and religious slurs, etc)
  3. No profanity of descriptions of obscenity