Serving as Student Leaders in School

Posted on 15-Oct-2014

Written by Sergeant Jack Lim Kuan Wei, 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

September 26th, 2014 

“Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” – a saying that I heard for many times and somehow I find this very relevant in my journey in The Boys’ Brigade generally. Looking back as how much I have learned from BB, I couldn’t thank God enough for introducing BB into my life while I was in Form 1. After all, I wouldn’t have realised that God has a plan for if I didn’t join my Company four years ago. My journey has been one great one; I met lots of new friends, and some of them have become my comrades, the NCOs, the past and the current, in running the Company under the guidance of my Captain and his Officers.

I remember my Officers once told me that in life we need to learn to contribute back to our society, to serve our school and community as a whole because the school and the society have taught us many lessons in life. After all, we spend almost our entire life learning for learning is an on-going journey. When we are of age, we will be sent to primary and secondary school to obtain our basic education – that is easily eleven years of our lives before we move on to tertiary education. Coming to join BB, will in one end mold our character and sharpen our problem solving skills too. As an NCO myself, I can testify that all the trainings given by the Company, by our dedicated Officers, though tough and demanding, make us better individuals – especially as students.

My first alma mater, Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur, the operating and home ground of my Company believes that every student should excel in academic and extra-curricular activities, displaying excellent character and developing leadership skills; in short to rise Above and Beyond in all that we do. We are provided with ample opportunities to serve the school in whatever vocation or posts given to us and I am proud that some of my fellow NCOs are doing so well as student leaders of the school – the school prefects and the library prefects. This year has really been a good year that I see some of my Junior NCOs rise up to be chosen serve in the student body of the school.

Last year we only had two NCOs serving as prefects – our then Sergeant Jason Pereira (now a Staff Sergeant) and Lance Corporal Yap Ming Yang (now a Corporal). I am glad that this year Ming Yang is serving in the Prefects’ Board as the Lower Secondary Coordinator. I remember him being a quiet person when he was in Form 1 but now he dares to speak in front of the public, commanding a squad of Boys with his loud voice. I admire his dedication and sacrifices that he has poured into BB as a Drill Team member and a Drumline player – both require high commitment in terms of time and energy. At the same time, he seems to able to manage him time well in his studies and meeting the expectations from his Prefects’ Board. I don’t know how he does it, but I am sure he has his ups and downs too and he somehow is coping well. He even scored meritorious award in academic last year in Form 2 and I am sure he will do well in the upcoming PT 3 in October.

This year I have been transferred to another school to continue my upper secondary education and hence I have to leave my current Form 4 friend Sergeant Ong Wil Sern to help to take care of the NCOs. When I got the news that Wil Sern has been selected as probationary prefect, I felt so happy for him because I know he is capable and I am sure with all the tough trainings he has received for the past three years have definitely prepared him for this new challenge as a school prefect. The then Lance Corporal Wil Sern (now a Sergeant) has been actively taking proactive measures in making sure everything runs smoothly and that every one of the NCOs will not be left out. Starting with the training of the march past team for the school Sports Day to the Saturday Parades, Wil Sern clearly has consistently taking the lead in school, encouraging his friends and the Recruits to participate in the Company. Being a logistics person, as some of his friends describe him as, he is usually the first person to reach during parade – making sure the PA system is set up properly before the worship team does, and the last person to lock up everything before he leaves. He even suggested proper filing and documentation for the benefit of everyone in the Council including the Officers. Because of his dedication, he has been double promoted to Sergeant! Wil Sern now sits in the Prefects’ Board as the Discipline Officer – a post given to him due to his high standards of discipline. Kudos Sergeant Ong !

Next on the list is the then Lance Corporal Johnston Tan (then a Private). Johnston is known as friendly and creative person. During the Boot Camp, he has helped the NCOs to plan a game to further excite the campers. He was so creative that he took hours to plan for the game under the guidance of the then Sergeant Yip Wei Jian. It turned out that the campers really enjoyed the game – being detectives trying to solve a crime. Lance Corporal James Ng (then a Private) serves as pianist and a drill member in the Company. Last year when the head of the praise and worship the then Lance Corporal Brendan Eu took study leave for PMR, James volunteered to help coordinate the practice sessions. When he sees there is a need, James is one of those who will always offer assistance. Now, James and Johnston serve the School as Prefect. Some students look up to them as role models to follow after. Keep up the good work Lance Corporals! 

This year we also have two Members who have been officially appointed as library prefects. They are Private Jorn Tan and Lance Corporal Hoshea Tiang. Jorn and Hoshea have been very passionate in BB especially from the beginning of this year. They share one common interest – drill. Though they are not part of the Drill Team members, they asked to join the Drill Camp we had earlier of this year to learn more and polish their drill skills. Their parents, during the PTC, met the Officers and told the Officers that they are happy that Jorn and Hoshea enjoy coming to BB so much so that they rather forego planned holiday and come attend Company events or Parades. No matter how much the parents persuade them, Jorn and Hoshea insist that they will not miss any Parade unless they can’t help it. When we visited Semoa Community in August, and they couldn’t make due to piano exam, they were so upset. I am glad that they have found the joy of serving the Company – Jorn is currently helping in the Media Team and Hoshea is joining the Worship Team. On the spiritual side, they have been attending regular Bible study with our Officer, Mr Andrew during lunch break. Keep up the good work! 

In BB, we are taught to bless the people around us in our capacity and that the more we give the more receive. Indeed, I am proud and thank God that some of the Members are serving the school as Prefects and Library Prefects too. There are those who are chosen as Class Monitors and Assistants too. Though I couldn’t write on each of them in details here, deep down in my heart, I want to thank the School for giving them the chance to serve the school. I am sure many more Boys will rise to the occasion when the time is right. No doubt we all have to learn to balance our time well between study and BB and now as school leaders, we will make our Company proud. As the Bible says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,” (Colossians 3:23 NIV), we are to serve God in BB with God given talents and skills.

Before I end my sharing here, I want to take this opportunity once again to thank my Captain and Officers for giving us the chance to serve the Company. Because of the trainings we have received, we are glad that we are able to serve our alma mater too.

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