Singing For the Company

Posted on 20-Dec-2014

By Lance Corporal Alex Ong by 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 25th, 2014

What do I mean "singing for the Company"? I am someone who loves to sing a lot, and everyone who knows would know that singing is my dream - to actually become a singer. Many strangers laughed when they hear about this, but changed their minds when they hear me sing. For my Company, my talent was discovered by the worship team when I volunteered to join the worship camp last year. Being the only vocalist from the Form 1’s who volunteered, I auditioned just like the rest. Having passed the audition, I was accepted as a vocalist for the team.           

As I was given the chance to serve as a worship leader, I sang many praise and worship songs, receiving both positive and negative feedback to improve. I loved this role and I continued until the very first enrollment day. For our Enrollment Day last year, the worship department leader, Corporal Brendan Eu had chose me, a Form 1 Private to lead in singing for this big event with a wide audience. I felt honoured and I even volunteered to sing an item performance for Enrollment Day.           

Since my debut during Enrollment Day, I even joined the school concert as a soloist with three songs. As time passes, the Awards Day had come in a blink of eye, I volunteered once again to sing and perform. I was also given the task once again to lead worship for the event.           

During my second year in BB, it was time for the Basic NCOs' Training School (BNTS). I was excited about BNTS, I became even more excited when I heard that we can volunteer ourselves to worship lead. So, I volunteered and was allowed to lead the other team members from other companies to worship. I had mixed feedback but I felt that I worked well with members from other companies and made my Company proud, somehow.           

Time passed by quickly and it is the Enrollment Day once again. It turned out like a carbon copy of the previous year as I was once again chosen to worship lead for and I volunteered to sing another performance for Enrollment Day. By the my talent was already known by the officers and NCOs, hence, I was asked to sing two songs items this time. I was also given the task to train the next group of recruits to prepare themselves for Pesta 2016, as 12th Kuala Lumpur Company plans to send their very first singing team.        

The Captain and the other officers have very high hopes on me and I will not let them down. I will continue my role as a so called singer of the company and continue to serve with my talents, not hide it.

My words of encouragement to those reading this article is that  I hope that you would not shy away but to show your talents to and for your company as such talent might help your company to grow in the very best way. Do not be shy, and show everyone, what is the real you, inside of you. Therefore, all the best in discovering your talents! Do use your talents to serve in your own BB Company. 



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