SMK Taman Desa BB Wins in Zon Bangsar

Posted on 04-Apr-2012

SETAPAK, KUALA LUMPUR - It has been five long years since the BB Boys from SMK Taman Desa, where the BB Club of 3rd Kuala Lumpur is based, took part in the Ministry of Education sanctioned drill competition. This year the BB was given a chance to represent the school under the Non-Governmental Organisation category in the Zone of Bangsar.

The Boys left Taman Desa Secondary School in the wee hours of the morning on April 4th, 2012, under the guiding hands of the BB's teacher adviser, Puan Koh. 33 Boys, including the reserves arrived at PULAPOT (Pusat Latihan Polis Tentera) in Setapak which was crowded with students from other uniform groups representing their respective schools from the Zone of Bangsar.
The competition is divided into three categories - the KRS, GOs and NGOs. SMK Taman Desa also sent a team competing under the GOs in the form of the Police Cadets.Though only five teams were under the NGO category for the zone, long time defending champions - the Scouts from SMK Taman Tun Dr Ismail were present and was the favourite to win. The Boys, lead by Corporal Timothy Lim as its commander, have been training hard for the past few weeks. Despite clashing practices with Pesta as well as pressure to perform in their studies, the Boys were able to put up a decent formation as well as tidying up their drill quality.
It was a tense atmosphere at the PULAPOT parade grounds with the three drill categories carrying out their competitions simultaneously, setting the stage full of shouts, metal stampings as well as the cry of passion to do well for their own schools. BB was the only NGO of its kind, the rest being Scouts. The fourth team to compete, they marched in confidently and carried out the sequence they have come to rehearse over and over in the past weeks. Despite a handful of small mistakes, our bald headed brothers performed very well and it was all to the judges who announced the results an hour later. It was declared that the Boys are the champions, with its commander the best for the Zone of Bangsar! Glory to God! 
This is the first time SMK Taman Desa has ever won in the Zone. Teachers, parents and friends will undauntedly be proud of this achievement. The Boys will now represent the school and their Bangsar Zone in the inter-zone level to determine the best team in all of Kuala Lumpur.

All the hard work has paid off, but there is probably more to come. Strive onwards BB Club of SMK Taman Desa!