Starry Starry Night, Our Imagination Lives On…

Posted on 26-Jun-2013

Written by Sergeant Tang Hong Ee of 4th Kuala Lumpur Company

8th of June 2103

LUTHER CENTRE, PETALING JAYA - 4th Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade Company marked history once again by organizing only their second fundraising band concert within the range of 3 years. As a sequel to the previous Band Concert “Starry Starry Night, the Beginning of our Dreams…”, the theme this year was “Starry Starry Night, Our Imagination Lives On…”. The concert was jointly held with the school band of SMK St. Mary. Mr. Sunny Hoh, our long-serving bandmaster was the conductor of the evening.

 Band members getting arriving and rehearsing

Both members of the band arrived at Luther Centre at 3 p.m. that day helping out with the logistic arrangement and also a short round of rehearsal. Guests started arriving at the auditorium entrance as early as 7 p.m.. At half past seven, our VIPs, Madam Goh Hai Bee from SMK St. Mary and Madam Lim Sek Hong form SMK St. Gabriel arrived which officially marked the beginning of the show.

The evening of music started with songs from Japanese animation namely Laputa and Totoro. After that, the percussion section from SMK St. Mary presented an entertaining performance with only plastic cups. Short after, the boys decided to spice things up with their Korean Dance Performance which was really crowd appealing especially to the younger generation. A drumline performance by 4th KL right after that marked the end of the first portion of the show. 

 Left: Saying a prayer before the performance. Center: The MC getting ready. Right: And our guest arrive!

The guests were provided with refreshments while the performers got changed into their Band Concert t-Shirt in preparation for the final half of the event. Pieces like Canon in D, Can’t Take My Eyes of You were played for the final half. , Rockin in the Sixties, Tequila

In crux, the event was a success for both bands as we managed to raise fund respectively. Other than music skills, important life tools like synergizing and perseverance were picked up by the members throughout the process of working together. A big shout out to our Almighty God for making this possible!

A personal account by Sergeant Alios Lee of 4th Kuala Lumpur Company.

June 8, 2013. Today is yet another important event in the 4th KL calendar. It has been a while since I attended any BB functions due to my studies, but today I gave everyone a surprise.

A week ago before the concert, I sent my apologies and regret that I may not be able to come back to see them perform at the concert due to my mid-term exams. With the help of Mr Alistair Tham, we managed to surprise everyone; not only our BB members but also the GB as well.

When I arrived at Luther Centre around 2pm, I caught everyone busy preparing themselves and setting up for the event. With Mr Alistair Tham assistance, he quickly sneaked me into the preparation room. No one seems to notice me at first until someone shouted “ALIOS!” and everyone rushed to me, giving me hugs and jumping around with joy. It really feels good to be back and I know it is worthwhile for me to return and give the others some moral support.

The show started at around 8.15pm. We are glad to have Mr Nicholas Yeap of 12th KL BB as our emcee for the night. It was a great night with very good and meaningful performances all around. Good job, everyone!

There were 11 pieces of music, including 2 encore pieces played by the bands and 2 percussion performances by BB and St Marian. One of the highlights of the night was the dance performance by my fellow brothers. The night ended with BB Vesper, a song that I really love to sing each time when I am in BB.


 Although I didn't manage to perform this year alongside my fellow brothers, I’m really proud of them. Looking at their performance made me understand why I joined BB in the first place. What sweet memories those years brought to mind. They have once again made history for 4th KL BB. Congratulations for a well-planned performance!

 On behalf of 4th KL BB family, we would like to thank everyone who has been giving their support to us. We would also like to thank everyone who came, the Sponsors, our Families and Friends, St Marians, ex-members, our sisters from 2nd KL GB, fellow brigadier and last but not least, Mr Nicholas Yeap. Our event wouldn’t have been successful without all your support! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May the Lord continues to bless each and everyone of you!

 Joint 4th KL BB and SMK St. Mary's band. Our Imagination Lives On!
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