Stedfast Association - Kuala Lumpur State B.B. Fellowship Games

Posted on 15-Oct-2014

Written by Corporal Brendan Eu Che-Jie of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

September 16th, 2014

OFF JALAN HANG JEBAT, KUALA LUMPUR - Waking up on drizzling morning of another Public Holiday – the birthday of our nation, what was the first thing that you would like to do? I am sure many of us would rather slept in late as the weather was cooling and we might not to get up from our bed. As for me, I was glad that I didn’t have to rush through the usual morning chores; brush teeth, shower, shower, quick bite of breakfast before I got on my mum’s car to the school. Holiday gave me a “break” from all these routines and best of all no classes, no extra work! Although I still had homework to complete, I could thank God enough for not having any more homework coming in.   

As the whole nation was celebrating its birthday, our Officers were invited to have games fellowship with the Stedfast Association of Kuala Lumpur. Annually, the Officers from the Stedfast Association Kuala Lumpur and the Boys’ Brigade Kuala Lumpur State Council will meet on the Malaysia Day 16 September for a time of games and fellowship whereby each year, Stedfast would be the defending champion. I was told by my Officers that the Stedfast team is very strong as they have consistent practices weekly and some of them are even as good as state players.

I was very glad and encouraged to hear that as busy as the Officers are, they would want to foster relationship, build rapport and knit fellowship with one another. Both Stedfast and Boys’ Brigade are voluntary organisations, dedicated Officers are hard to come by. Working world is one where one is expected to meet every expectation and demands from bosses, colleagues and even family. For many of them, especially the young executives, being able to cope with daily duties and responsibilities related to work is as good as finding the right balance juggling between work and family. More often than not, I think many are losing the balance with their family members as many would have to work till late evening almost daily as many would agree if I say that the times are really tough now. Our parents would really need to work extra hard to ensure of we have meals and shelters at the end of day. Hence, both organizations made it a point to meet annually during Malaysia Day to have a fellowship over games.


Officers gathered as early as 7.30 am in Wisma Legacy, Wisma Methodist Kuala Lumpur, the home of First Kuala Lumpur Company for a briefing before launching the session. Mr Yee Mun Theam, the Captain of the First Kuala Lumpur and the chairman of the organizing committee welcomed everyone to the first floor of Wisma Legacy for the briefing. All in, there would be games of which both organizations had been asked to send their teams of players. There games were table tennis, futsal, carom, volleyball, basketball and badminton. Carom and Table Tennis were held in the first floor of Wisma Legacy, basketball, badminton and volleyball were held in the respective courts within the MBS KL Secondary and futsal was held in the football field of SK Methodist KL. Due to limited number of participants and some officers were involved in multiple games, arranging the games was a challenge and finally they decided to have the Volleyball game in the last slot, at 10.30 am.

After opening prayer by Mr Andy Tan, the Deputy Commissioner of the Kuala Lumpur State BB, all players were asked to gather at the respective designated venues and wait for the referees to give further instructions. Participants for carom and Table Tennis stayed back and started to warm up and prepare the venues. This year saw many more new faces for all the games. Mr Michael Yei, the President of the Stedfast Association Kuala Lumpur was there to witness the occasion. The other VIP present was Mr Cheong Sing Yuen, the Honorary Captain of the First Kuala Lumpur Company and he was given the honour to be the referee for the Carom games. Some of the old Boys of the First Kuala Lumpur along with its current Officers were also present to co-host the event with the Officers from the Stedfast. After all, most of the Officers in Stedfast were also the Old Boys of the First Kuala Lumpur. I would say they really made the effort to come together to organize the event despite their business and hectic schedules.


There were few lady Officers playing in carom games. I believe carom and Table-Tennis would be the only two games that would appeal to the lady Officers of the Boys’ Brigade. Warrant Officer Susan Pee, from 10th Kuala Lumpur Company brought her son Private Nigel Lee to support the games. It was great to see a parent so committed to the BB. I heard that she is the Admin Manager of a Sri Sempurna International, the home of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company. I know the son from the recent Pesta Kampar where we shared the same dorm. Nigel also took part in the badminton. Over at the football field, Warrant Officer Ethan Perris of Second Kuala Lumpur Company was leading the team against the Stedfast team. Both team had equally sporting and young players and I was sure the game would be excited and interesting to watch. Kuala Lumpur State Boys’ Brigade also sent one young Table Tennis player, who is the son Mr Ngai Chee Ban, one of the former Officers from the Fourth Kuala Lumpur Company. I found out that Mr Ngai’s family plays table tennis very professionally. Last year, they gave the Stedfast a tough competition too. Mr Ngai was unable to join this year due to work commitment elsewhere so the son warmed up himself. Later, he was joined by another Instructor.

Although there was an official photographer, Mr Alfred Ong, the Secretary of the Stedfast, my Officer, Mr Andrew went around with the phone camera trying to get some snapshots of all the games. Mr Lim, on the other hand, was representing KL State in the game of Badminton held over in the indoor hall of the MBS Secondary School which is located on the first floor of the school. Our captain was in overseas due to work commitment. All the three games, carrom, Table Tennis and Badminton started punctually. Soon, after almost one and a half hours, we received good news from the Futsal team. They won 2 – 0 against the Stedfast Team! Good job Futsal team! As for badminton, even though our officers fought valiantly, they lost to the Stedfast team.

At the time passed by, carom became the center of attention where KL State and Stedfast each won three sets of games. So, they would need to play for one final game to determine the winner. Among the players were Mr Terence Tay, captain of 3rd Kuala Lumpur Company, Madam Susan Pee, warrant officer of 10th Kuala Lumpur and Mr Cheong himself. Soon, the results were released, the champion of the carom games went to the KL State BB Council! Well done Officers!  Following up from the Volleyball and Basketball, KL State lost to the Stedfast KL. So now, Stedfast had won 3 games; volleyball, basketball and badminton while the KL State BB Council had won 2 games; carom and futsal. Everyone gathered back at the Wisma Legacy to witness the finals of table tennis. Looking at the watch, it was almost 1pm and everyone was hungry but then everyone’s attention was on the table tennis table where the final game was on-going. After a tough fight, finally KL State was declared the winner!


I was so happy to hear that KL State won 3 games and this means that the champion trophy were shared by KL State and Stedfast – a history was written this year! After the final results were declared official and Mr Micheal gave his heart-warming speech, everyone was ushered to the canteen for a rather late lunch. Officers gathered for a quick prayer around the lunch tables before partaking their lunch. The food was simply delicious! Officers from all Companies present mingled around, getting to know each other, especially the new faces over the lunch tables. I heard that the food was so much that everyone went for second or third round! As I was writing this article, I felt joyful and encouraged that even our Officers are making the effort to come together as a State – a sign of unity and teamwork just like us as NCOs.

I thank God for each and every Officer that God has sent to serve in all BB Companies, not just in the KL State and Stedfast, but in every BB Company across the globe. Only God can repay the sacrifices that each has made in the course of answering the call to serve the Boys. The journey of an Officer in the BB is definitely is of one that is tough, but I believe it is rewarding when he or she see how much the Members have grown. Let us not take our Officers for granted but constantly keeping them in our prayer that God will grant them good health and joy in serving. Let us as Members and NCOs work together with our Officers to see through the ministry that God has established worldwide. Thank you Officers!

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