Stedfast - KL State Fellowship Games

Posted on 17-Sep-2012

SALAK SOUTH, KUALA LUMPUR  - A day after celebrating Malaysia Day, officers of the Kuala Lumpur State Council joined members of the Stedfast Association of Kuala Lumpur for it's annual Sports Fellowship Games. The Fellowship Games held between the two organisations has been a common program for the past four years dedicating 16th September (Malaysia Day) of every year aside for this special occasion. This year, September 16th fell on a Sunday and the games was therefore postponed to the following day which was declared a public holiday.
This year saw a bigger crowd for the games with all companies in KL State represented for the first time. The games was hosted at the St. Gabriel's Anglican Church, sponsoring authority of the 4th Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade. Once again, the main events were basketball, volleyball, futsal, table tennis, badminton and carom. The event began at 8.30am sharp with a welcome message from Mr Andy Tan, captain of 4th KL, Mr Voon, the KL State FTO and a speech by Mr. Tony Chow. An opening prayer was given before a group picture was taken with all participants present.
Left: Mr Michael Yei giving a speech Center: Closing ceremony of the games. Right: Prizes!
The overall champion is determined by the number of games won by each set/game. However, it seemed irrelevant as Stedfast once again dominated the games winning four of the five sports, with only the KL State carom team spoiling their perfect record. Therefore, the champions for the fourth consecutive time went to the Stedfast Association of Kuala Lumpur.
Left: Stedfast KL's basketball team receiving prizes. Center: KL State's sole winning carom team receiving prizes. Right: Team Captains of Stedfast KL jointly receiving the overall champions trophy
A closing ceremony was held at the end of the events with trophies and hampers given out the winning teams. Mr Michael Yei, President of Stedfast Association Kuala Lumpur gave a speech and looks forward to more collaboration between the two organisations. Stedfast also announced a steady contribution to the host company to cover cost of hosting this year's games.
It is believed that all participants enjoyed themselves in this event and look forward to greater fellowship between the two organisations which share the same Anchor and Master.
Group photo of the 4th Stedfast KL - KL State BB Fellowship Games