T-Shirt Design Competition

Posted on 01-Aug-2013

T-Shirt Design Competition
The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur State Council



  1. To create awareness and remembrance of our BB Founder     
  2. To promote the use of the social network for BB events and programs for the KL State Council
  3. To create excitement leading up to Founder’s Day 2013

2 months ( August - September)

Together We Are ONE

Entry requirement:

  1. Senior Section, Primers and Staff Sergeants from KL State Companies ( including Seremban's companies) between 12-21 years old
  2. No submission limit for each person
  3. No photographs allowed in the design

Shirt Colour: White or Black

Judging Criteria:
  • Stage 1 - All entries will be collected by end of August 2013
  • Stage 2 – All entries will be featured on the KL State BB Facebook page. Top 5 (or more depending on the number of entries) designs with the most number of “Likes” will be short-listed
  • Stage 3 – From the short-listed design, a winner will be selected by a panel of judges comprised of the KL State Executive Council.


  1. Winning design will be printed as the Founder's Day t-shirt of the year
  2. Winner receives a trophy
  3. The winner and his/her company of origin will be awarded 50 KulPoints 
(Company with most amount of KulPoints by 1st October 2013 wins a LCD projector)

Consolation Prize:
Every entry submission will receive 5 KulPoints to the individual and his/her company. 


Instructions to participants

Digital Designs ONLY

  1. Design can be one-sided or front-and-back (back and front of t-shirt)
  2. Use of Photoshop or Illustrator is encouraged and to be encoded in AI or PDF
  3. Be sure to “Create Outlines” if using Illustrator, otherwise fonts won’t show
  4. Saving into high-resolution JPEG is also permitted, but please always keep the “raw” file.


  1. Please email to write2us@klbb.org.my
  2. All submissions must be received by the KL State Secretariat by 31st August 2013

You may download this template from here. You are also free to use your own design template.

  1. Type of clothing restricted to (i) t-shirt, (ii) collared-shirt, v-neck t-shirt and collared v-neck t-shirt.
  2. Entries may not deface the Founder’s face in an inappropriate manner
  3. If BB logo is used, use either black and white (monotone/grayscale) or in its original colours only

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