Talented Boys Scouted from 12th Kuala Lumpur

Posted on 28-Aug-2014

Report by Lance Corporal Johnston Tan Tze Chung of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

SENTUL - From the 23rd of June to the 27th of June, the home ground of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company, Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur, hosted its annual Minggu Bahasa Malaysia (Malay Language Week). Many members from the 12th Kuala Lumpur Company, comprising mostly of Recruits and Privates took part in the many activities hosted by the Bahasa Malaysia club and under the guidance of Bahasa Malaysia teachers. This event lasted for a week which saw many competitions being held, such as Sajak, Pantun, and Bercerita. There were also some students who took part in events such as Dikir Barat, singing as well as dancing which were all presented on the last day of this event.

Out of the many students, one of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company’s privates, Lcpl. Ng Zhu Yang took part in the Sajak (Poem) competition. His poem, entitled “Sajak untuk Ayah dan Bonda” (A poem for Father and Mother) tells the story of the poet who realizes his mistakes that he has done towards his parents. In this poem, the poet expresses his forgiveness to his parents and the poet hopes that his parents would forgive him. Lcpl. Zhu Yang performed this poem with a lot of expressions. When he was reading the poem, he actually cried because he connected very much to the poem instead of just reading it. Overall, Lcpl. Zhu Yang won 3rd place in the Sajak competition. Everyone from 12th Kuala Lumpur felt very proud as one of our Members performed so well in the competition.

The next student who participated in the Sajak Competition was Pte. Tan Wei Chun. His poem, entitled Dadah Durjana. The poem talks about drug abuse and how bad it is in Malaysia. The poem talks also talks about the life of a drug addict and how difficult it is to live life because the only thing the drug addicts survive on is drugs. This poem is indeed one that taught many of us how bad the usage of drugs can turn people into. No doubt the poem was a little bit frightening with the descriptions of a drug addict, many people did indeed learn from it. Overall, Pte. Tan Wei Chun won 1st place in the Sajak Competition.

Our next BB Member who participated in the Minggu Bahasa Malaysia competition was Pte. Loo Yu Qang. He participated in the Syarahan competition (lecture speech). Syarahan is usually written as an essay but it can also be used as a form of a speech for lecturing on a particular topic. His syarahan was entitled “Menangani Gejala Sosial di kalangan Remaja pada masa kini”. In English it means “Curbing Social Problems in Teenagers”. His syarahan mostly talked about on social problems that are happening in teenagers in our societies today. The syarahan also talked about ways to curb these problems and how it can be arrested. For example, in the syarahan, the ways on how to curb social problems were becoming closer to God so that one may know how to balance the right things from wrong. Other than that, the other ways included, parents being more responsible towards their teenagers by spending more time with them and such. Overall, Pte. Yu Qang won 1st place in the syarahan category.

The next Member who also participated in the Minggu Bahasa Malaysia competition was our very own Pte. Ang Jian Hao. He participated in the Bercerita (storytelling) category. His story was about a teen’s ambition to become a teacher. The synopsis of the story was as such, a student had an ambition to become a teacher. One day, his teacher asked his class to write a story about their ambition. So the boy wrote about his ambition to become a teacher. However his friends made fun of him and he changed his ambition on the paper. His teacher was upset and the next day, the teacher got into a road accident and his class visited the teacher at the hospital. As he felt bad, he reverted to his original title and story of his ambition and his friends also apologized. The story was very interesting and many students were fascinated as this story is not very much heard of. He won first place in the storytelling competition.

Overall, 12thKL was very proud of our young Privates who voluntarily took part in the Minggu BM competitions, going through sleepless nights and having to sweat through hours of practice and screening and later surviving its stress and challenges. It was a great experience for the members who took part and most importantly, a great achievement for everyone at 12thKL to know that we have such talented Members who can converse very well in our national language, Bahasa Malaysia. Go 12th KL !


 Congratulations to the winners!
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