Testimony from Private Ajith Nair

Posted on 01-Oct-2013

Testimonial by Private Ajith Nair of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company 

Hey everyone! I am Private Ajith Nair and I will be sharing my experience in The Boy’s Brigade with all of you.

Last year, when our principal told us that joining The Boys Brigade was compulsory, I honestly didn’t know what was in for me. I was confused, scared and full of mixed emotions. But of course, all of that changed this year.

On my first day attending parade, I didn’t even know how to do simple stationary drill like senang diri and rehatkan diri. Through guidance from my seniors, I perfected it in no time. Once I started learning the harder components of drill, I realized that those were very simple, actually.

In The Boys Brigade, I love Drill the most. Not many members like drill. They think it is tiring, boring, strict and all of that. Well, to the contrary, I think that Drill is none of it. Okay, it is tiring, but I find it really interesting to learn new commands and I feel exceptionally thrilled when I am chosen as the timer. My fellow members also think that the NCOs’ are strict.

My fellow members who are reading this, I would like to say that, I feel the NCOs are just doing their duty. After becoming a NCO, they have the duty to the company, to our captain, and to The Boy’s Brigade itself. Honestly, they are nice inside as well.

The 12th Kuala Lumpur Boy’s Brigade has changed my life for the better. It has made me more disciplined, more obedient, and has put a lot of fun and laughter into my life. I would like to thank our captain for organizing all these fun activities, I would like to thank all the NCOs for helping Mr. Nic out, and I would love to thank all my fellow members in 12th KL for making Boy’s Brigade for making it fun for me. Stay awesome and stay blue-blooded.

Thank you!


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