The BB Junior Master Chef 2014

Posted on 20-Oct-2014

Report by Junior Adriel Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company
Published October 20th, 2014
CHERAS - A pot filled with sizzling omelet stands on one side, a table surrounded with Juniors holds some rather appetising-looking sandwiches and and lemonade on the other. Eight groups hastily prepared their sandwiches for the cooking judges to sample. It was the first Junior cooking competition that was held at Sri Sempurna. Just the amount of fun and excitement we had was almost indescribable.

The day started out as per the norm, besides the atmosphere being humid and rather uncomfortable. We had our usual praise and worship, led by Lance-corporal Jack Heng. After that, the Seniors left while the Juniors stayed for a rather interesting session of word. Tensions rose, as the beginning of the competition approached. Everyone got their equipment to make their sandwiches, before waiting restlessly, preparing for the approaching hour.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, the officer in charge told us to pick a table and assemble our equipment on it. The theme for the competition was “anything between two slices of bread”. Then it started, with 45 minutes to conjure up the best meal ever. In an instance, the canteen, at which we were holding the event in, was transformed from a desolated wasteland to a crowded battlefield!

There were four prizes to be given out to the top four. Grades were assigned based on creativity, aroma, team work and cleanliness. By the time the competition was over, there were some amazingly tantalising smells that came wafting out of the canteen, presenting the judges with a hard time judging each group.

Somehow, they managed to complete the seemingly impossible task. The prize giving session was held shortly after the event, and once again tensions ran high. Finally, the results were released, with squad eight getting a consolation prize for coming so close. Squad one and six tied for the second prize, but the champion was unanimously declared squad seven, a result of the ingenious and refreshing lemonade.

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