The Boys' Brigade Founder's Run 2016

Posted on 12-Aug-2016

By Staff Sergeant Rui Ming, 4th Kuala Lumpur Company
July 30th, 2016
KG. PANDAN, KUALA LUMPUR - The Kuala Lumpur State Council of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia organised their 2nd fundraising event called The Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Run 2016 on 30th July 2016. The event held in Perdana Botanical Garden, Kuala Lumpur, which saw a participation of over 800 runners ranging from the young to veterans. The running event comprised of categories for Men, Women, Veterans, and Juniors
The day started off with the final check of the route around Perdana Botanical Garden, which began as early as 5.00am for the Route Helpers Team followed by the setting up of the Information Counter, Runner’s Baggage Counter, Breakfast, Medal and Certificate Counters. Participants, traffic police from Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, St John’s First Aid personnel, and Persatuan Kepolisan Sri Kuching started to arrive around 6.00am. Joy and excitement were seen on the faces of participants as they started to gather around the Main Ground to get ready for the warming-up exercise.
At 7.00am, the emcee, Mr Voon welcomed the members from 1st KL to lead the participants in a round of warming-up exercise, after which participants moved to the START & FINISH arch in preparation for the run to start. At 7.30am sharp, Mr Eric Choo, Vice President of Majlis Belia Malaysia, flagged off runners from Categories A & B (Men and Women Open), followed by Categories C & D (Junior’s and Veteran’s Open) moved to the arch, ready to be flagged off too. Once all runners headed off from the starting line, the Breakfast, Medal and Certificate Counters were all set to receive runners on their return.
At approximately 8.30am, runners crossed the START & FINISH arch and went to rest in the Main Ground area. Runners were scattered around the field, with breakfast and water in hand. 9.00am saw the arrival of our VIP for the event, Tan Sri M Kayveas, who was escorted for breakfast and a sharing session by Mr Andy Tan, Chairman of The Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Run 2016 , Mr Cheong Sing Yuen and several KL State Company Captains.
At 9.30am, emcee Mr Voon introduced our VIP, Tan Sri M Kayveas amidst cheers and applause. Then, the emcee invited Mr Andy Tan to convey his thanks and appreciation to all helpers and participants. Following that, Tan Sri M Kayveas was invited to address the crowd. In his speech, Tan Seri shared that he was once a member of The Boys’ Brigade, serving under the 4th Kuala Lumpur Company. He reminisced on all the good values that he learnt, be it physical or spiritual that has made him what he is today. He is happy that he was a member of The Boys’ Brigade.
Prizes for the top-5 runners of the 10KM and 5KM were presented followed by tokens of appreciation for sponsors and free Pesta 2016 entries were also presented. A token of appreciation was presented to Tan Sri Kayveas for his invaluable support, as a sponsor and also for his dedication to The Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Run 2016. Mr. Lawrence Tay, Captain of 1st Seremban Company brought the run to a close with a closing prayer and the singing of the BB Vesper. Everyone left the grounds at 11.30am upon completion of the cleaning and packing exercise.
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