The Boys' Brigade Founder's Run 2017

Posted on 11-Nov-2017

Written By Wan Rui Ming - Admin Assistant, Administration and Extension
10 August 2017

KUALA LUMPUR: On 29th July 2017, with the continuation of the commemoration of the legacy of the Founder of The Boys’ Brigade – Sir William Alexander Smith, the 3rd fun run cum fundraising event was held under the banner of the Kuala Lumpur State Council of the Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia, in collaboration with The Selangor State Council of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia.

   The event was held at the Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church, Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur which witnessed the participation of over 1000 participants ranging from the very young to veterans. The event comprised of categories from Men to Women’s Open (10KM), and Junior’s to Veteran’s Open (5KM).

   The day started off at 5.00am when the Crew started arriving at the venue and had briefings and breakfast before reporting to their designated posts. Various counters were setup and prepared for the event. At 6.30am, personnels from the Police, Persatuan Kepolisan Sri Kuching, Pasukan Bomba Sukarela & Penyelamat Kepong , and Selangor volunteers arrived at the venue and were briefed by our representatives.
   Guest-of-Honours Tan Seri M Kayveas – President of MyPPP and Mr Sukhdev Singh – Township General Manager of Desa ParkCity arrived at the gates of Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church at 7.20am, along with Mr Eric Choo – Vice President of Majlis Belia Malaysia.

   They were received by Mr Andy Tan – Commissioner of KL State Council of Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia, Mr Nicholas Yeap – Deputy Commissioner of KL State Council of Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia, and Mr Tony Chow-Honorary Captain of the 3rd Kuala Lumpur Company. All the Guests, VIPs and KL State’s delegations were welcomed by emcee Mr Ong Wil Sern.


   At 7.30am, the emcee welcomed members from the 1st KL Company to lead the participants in a round of “Senamrobik”, followed by ushering the participants to the starting line. Joy and excitement can be seen written on the faces of the participants, as they were eager to start the race!  Tan Seri M Kayveas sounded the horn and Mr Eric Choo flagged off the runners for the Men and Women’s Open (10KM). Mr Sukhdev Singh and Mr Tony Chow was invited to sound the horn and the Junior’s and Veteran’s Open (5KM) were flagged off. After seeing the runners off, all the Guests, VIPs’, and The Boys’ Brigade delegation were ushered to the Church’s dining hall to have a light breakfast and fellowship.

   At 8.30am, runners were seen coming back from the run and rested themselves around the church compound. The compound slowly flooded with the sound of cheering and excitement from the participants, all were seen resting on the ground and chatting with each other.


   At 9.00am, emcee Wil Sern announced the arrival of the next VIP, Reverend John Kok - Senior Pastor of the Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church who was welcomed by guests and the Boys’ Brigade delegation.

Mr Andy Tan was welcomed on stage to give his closing speech. He extended his gratitude and appreciation to sponsors, participants, helpers and parents of the Brigade members.

   The prize presentation followed with the emcee announcing the names and placements of the TOP 5 Finishers for both the 10KM and 5KM. Reverend John Kok, Mr Sukhdev Singh, Mr Eric Choo and Mr Nicholas Yeap were invited on stage to give away the prizes after which tokens of appreciation were presented to all sponsors and VIPs by Mr Andy Tan.


   At 10.30am, Reverend John Kok led the crowd with a closing prayer. The BB Vesper was sung, which marked the close of the event.  Emcee Wil Sern once again thanked all participants and guests and dismissed the crowd. The event was successfully a wrapped up by 11.30am with the cleaning and clearing around KLBC DPC and around Desa ParkCity.

   The Kuala Lumpur State Council of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia and The Selangor State Council of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia would like to acknowledge the support of various sponsors, BB companies throughout Malaysia, especially KL and Selangor, Crews and parents, and not forgetting the support from our Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ, for through Him all things are made possible.

For more photos, please visit BB Founder's Run Facebook page.