The Boys Meet Again!

Posted on 25-Jun-2014

Report by Lance Corporal Vincent Ching of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

May 24th, 2014

SENTUL, KUALA LUMPUR - After a three week of breaks due to mid-term examination, the members of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company finally had their long awaited parade dated 24th May 2014 on our home ground of Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur. At 7.30 am, the NCO’s arrived at the school assembly ground and fell in for their uniform inspection led by Cpl. Jack Lim. Squad files were given to the NCO’s and some Members from Leadership Team as some of the Squad Leaders were away for the Prefects’ External Leadership Camp. While all these routines were in progress, all other Boys were waiting excitedly around the assembly ground to prepare for the Opening Parade. From their facial expressions, it was evidently clear that some of the Members were very happy to see each other in their Blue uniform! Finally, the day has dawned in that they were able to put on their blues after Boot Camp.

At 7.50 am, the parade commander, Cpl. Jack Lim, called for fall in and all Members rushed to their respective squads. The parade commander proceeded to order the squad leaders to fall out to carry out their uniform inspection and for the first taking of their attendance. It turned out that attendance was not bad after all. We had 90 odd Senior Boys with 8 Juniors in attendance. 

Later, the whole company sang the national anthem and the Anchor Song, a word of prayer was given by our Warrant Officer, Mr Lim Chee Ho. After the parade commander called for fall out, members soon took their belongings and headed straight to the chapel for Praise & Worship session. The Praise & Worship session was led by LCpl. Brian Eu and the atmosphere during P&W session was great as everyone devoted this session to Jesus Christ. Everyone sang along to worship and praise our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Later, Private Zander Cheah led the Word session as he gave a short briefing about Youth Alpha. This was his NCO assignment and we could see he was nervous but he tried to facilitate the discussion. He showed a video regarding Youth Alpha and everyone was paying very close attention to the video. Private Zander Cheah paused the video at times where a question was given and asked the members for their opinion and views on the question. The session went well as most members were discussing among their squads.

Afterwards, the drum line team led by Private Siew Hui Zhuan and supervised by LCpl. Nicholas Ng performed in front of the members to encourage the members to join them. Private Siew Hui Zhuan gave a presentation about drum line and showed the members the benefits in joining the drum line team and the requirements to join them. He also gave a chance for everyone who has the interest to try their hands on holding and playing the instruments. Afterwards, announcements were made by our Lieutenant, Mr. Andrew Tan regarding three upcoming events - Enrolment Service which will be held in July, Pesta which will be held in Kampar, Ipoh and the Semoa Community Service Project which is collaboration with the Girls’ Brigade in August.

Later, the members went down for drill session led by LCpl. Nicholas Ng and Cpl. Jack Lim. The main drill team members assembled at the netball court and the new drill team led by LCpl. Nigel Ng gathered at the futsal court for practice. The other members and recruits were split into two groups; Platoon Alpha was under Cpl. Jack Lim and Platoon Bravo was under LCpl. Nicholas Ng. The recruits were revising stationary drill and marching while the main drill team members were training with the drill sequence under Private Lim Jin Yong who was appointed by Captain Nicholas to command. After drill, the Parade Commander called for Closing Parade and members fell in according to their squads. Second attendance was taken by the squad leaders followed by the singing of BB Vesper. A word of prayer was given by Mr. Lim Chee Ho and the members were dismissed for their games and sports session. Finally, the members said farewell to each other and headed home while some stayed back for games. The NCO’s had their post mortem in the chapel and drum line practices started at 12.45pm. Overall, the parade today was successful as it managed to rekindle the burning spirit of BB in members after a long break and hope to see them again in the next parade.
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