Those Were the Days

Posted on 18-Nov-2014

Written by Corporal Brendan Eu Che-Jie of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 24th, 2014

I could still vividly remember the days where I first joined The Boys' Brigade. I was a shy, inward-bound boy. Little did I know that I would ever grow into the leader of the Company one day. And there goes the start of my endless voyage as a Brigadier.

Year 2011, where it all started in Wesley Methodist School. There were 26 including me from my age group that had signed up for The Boys' Brigade. Well, I was one of the absent-minded recruits who originally just wanted to attend parades just for the sake
of sports. Everything was a hustle as the Company, being the first year as a school-based company, was struggling to fit in to the school customs and rules. My first parade was nothing but ordinary.

Our Captain back then, Mr. Koh Kok Hwa briefed all of us on the do and don'ts of Boys' Brigade. Along with our current Captain, a Lieutenant at that time, Mr Nicholas Yeap, also shared about matters such as State Training Schools. Then we proceeded to sports. Of course, a simple game of futsal. Looking back, it seems normal, but it was an enjoyment back then.


Before we even get to fit ourselves into the shoes, there comes Boot Camp. I would say that probably it was one of my worst camp experience. All of us woke up in the middle of the night and gathered at the basketball court. It was said that it was a fire drill, but everything ended up with physical torture. I could remember that harsh experience as if my body was going to tear apart. 30 rounds around the basketball court, duck walk the basketball court through and fro.... All these were obviously too much for a recruit.

But at least all these miserable experiences came along with a reasonable reward. I got my Target badge! Although it doesn't mean much to many privates in other companies, but it was the significance of all our effort and sweat. In words, every ounce of our energy is put into this.

Time soon flies and year 2011 came to an end. From the strength of 26, it deteriorated to a number of 10. Probably because of all the physical we went through, but at that moment I was glad that the terrible moments were opt to end. With a delightful heart, I was looking forward to a better year next year. That was the dramatic experience that marks "Year 1" of my Brigade life.

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