Tips and Pointers for Getting Badges from Group A

Posted on 24-Nov-2014

Reported by Lance Corporal Teh Eng Hong of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 23rd, 2014

The moment you flash your right shoulder when you are in your full uniform, a word immediately issues from the person who is looking at you, especially non BB Members. That word would be ‘wow!’ Do you ever want to get the ‘wow’ from others? Well by reading this article, you will get very good pointers on applying badges from group A. Read on, if you wish to read more, the key to success is in here.

Group A badges are relatively easy to achieve. What you actually need is initiative and time to actually do it. Most badges in Group A like Arts, Crafts, Hobbies, Communication, Computer Knowledge and International Relations are relatively easy and are assignment based.

Let’s begin with Arts and Hobbies Award. These are amongst the easiest to achieve in my opinion. I’d rate it as 100 percent achievable, provided that you have the initiative to do the reports. Nothing should stop you from achieving the badge. For Arts badge you will have to do a report about a talent you have like playing the piano. You can submit a certificate stating the level of achievement. An example is that you submit your piano examination certificate, stating that you gotten the grade of ‘Distinction’ in your Grade 7 piano exam. As for Hobbies badge, you can submit a report stating when did you begin with the hobby, your personal experience, who is your motivator. A good example like reading can be used to apply. What I did to apply for Hobbies Basic Level is that I did a report with reports of any 10 books read with personal reviews. Hobbies and Arts Award made easy. Crafts badge is relatively easy to achieve as well. I would rate 100 percent achievable as well. For crafts, you could send in your Kemahiran Hidup (Shop Class) project, wood work or electrical work. What I did was that I cooked a dish. I recorded the process of making the dish and provided pictures of me preparing the dish. My tip for applying for this badge would be to report it such a way that the awards officer would be able to replicate it by just following your report.

Computer Knowledge Award would be slightly harder than Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Award. Regardless, it is still achievable and the way I would rate it would be 70 percent achievable. According to the BB Handbook, you would need to show that you are proficient in any two programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point. What I did was I gotten a topic from my company’s awards officer, Mr Nicholas Yeap, current Captain of the 12th Kuala Lumpur Company, he told me my topic which was youth issues. I took information from the Internet, used Microsoft Word and PowerPoint in it and it turned out well. My pointer would be that you would have to use whatever you learnt like applying transition, changing font for titles and make it in such a way that you undoubtedly deserve the badge. Another pointer would be that you have to keep asking for feedback from your awards officer for any improvements or amendments required for your assignment.

Citizenship is tougher than Computer Knowledge Award. You practically have to how understanding based on the topics given in the BB Handbook. My tip would be add a touch of personal experience as well as don’t make it as if you took it from the Internet via copy paste (Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V). Communications would be rather difficult compared to the rest of the badges.  You can do it based on assignment or badge class. You will have to show understanding based on requirements on BB Handbook page 109.

The way is clear, good luck on applying for your badges! However, you need to consult your Awards Officer and check the requirements stated in the Handbook before you attempt to work towards getting any badges. Talk to your Officers and I am sure they will be glad to assist you further. Happy “working”!!

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