To hear is not actually the same as to listen

Posted on 11-Aug-2011

This photograph was captured at the 2010 KL State Drill Competition. Here, we have a tiny Pre-Junior Boy speaking to a 'big brother' Staff Sergeant- with the latter appeared to be listening attentively. Next to them is another Staff Sergeant who seemed equally drawn to the conversation.

 The time has come for leaders to take heed of the voice of the younger generation.

Often, the older ones are expected to lead the pack, for they are respected for their experience and knowledge. While these we uphold and value to lead us in the Boys' Brigade, we also remember that the young are full of unpolished creativity awaiting to be shined. After all, our Object is to promote youth towards a solid character in Christ-likeness.

By stating our members as the stakeholders of our mission, our Founder has made it very clear even from year 1883: our members form the very heartbeat of the Boys' Brigade.

The Kuala Lumpur State Council has always been a strong advocate of grooming a new generation of leaders, be it at the Officers or Members' levels. When the Malaysian Government announced the Youth Act in 2006, the KL State Council welcomed the move and stood up in favour of a fresh leadership line-up.

Although the Youth Act episode has passed quietly, the KL State nevertheless is clear about its direction for the future: the Boys' Brigade Malaysia should ideally be by the youth, for the youth (you may like to note that by this country's standards, a youth can be age up to 40 years old).

We do not look down on our young Officers or Members because of their youth, but we will guide them in their youth to become shining examples to their peers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity (1 Tim 4:12). But before we do any of these, their voices must be heard.

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