Twin One, Twin Two

Posted on 28-Nov-2014

By Lance Corporal Alex Ong of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 24th, 2014

I guess everyone will be wondering about what this title is about. When all of us join a certain organisation, we will feel the need to have a Senior by your side guiding you and leading you along to this new environment. This happened to me. On my first day of school, I was fortunate enough to have a senior by my side helping me around. In fact, I should say that there are two, and they are the twins that are well known in Company. The EU’s – as they are fondly known as - Corporal Brendan Eu and Corporal Brian Eu.      

So how did I actually get to know them? I remember it was during my very first boot camp, our captain asks us to volunteer to try out commanding, so I volunteered. There were NCOs teaching us, and the one teaching me is the younger twin, Brendan Eu. So he taught me with patience and he let me felt at home with his friendliness. As for the older brother, it was on the second day as we were having morning warm up, where Corporal Brian Eu was leading and he invited me to lead the session of warm up. The way how both of them gave attention on me let me felt that BB is actually quite like a family, a sense of belonging and comfort and I found out that there are seniors that actually take care of us.  

I decided to “make the move” to be friendly with them, so I tried my best to get close with them and hang out with them. At first it seemed awkward for them at first but as time passed they got used to it and started to communicate more with me. They found out it’s not that bad to hang out with me so we hang a lot of time together. On the day when we were asked to choose a department, I chose praise and worship department which both of them are in. They were happy when they saw me and they welcomed me. We continued to our worship camp, and we get a lot of chances to talk more because there are lesser people. Brendan Eu, as the leader of the department decided to let me lead worship for the whole consecutive year. Because of that I eventually accepted Christ. Thanks to them, I found out the joy in accepting Christ.  

They actually taught me a lot of things and advices on what I should and should not do in BB, no matter on my polishing skills or worshiping tips, all taught by the twins. They are the ones that had a very big effect on no matter my life or in BB, this pair of twins gave me a lot help and a lot of motivation to stay on BB.

We, the three of us, spend a lot of time together, be it in school or during parade time. We have a lot of time together. We have breakfast together before parade and we stayed back after parade for futsal sessions. We had a lot of bonding moments and we appreciated every chance to hang out with each other. Even during camps nights, we will always be having the same sleeping partner, which is each other. I will normally sleep in between of them and we chit chat about life without caring the fact that it’s already lights off. We comfort each other during times when they are feeling down and we helped each other when each other are in trouble.             

We’ve known each other for only one and a half year but we appreciate each other a lot. We trust in each other and we treat each other as our family. I was told that I am their favourite junior out of all and I am also proud to say that this twin of Eu brothers are my favourite seniors and they will continue be. They are the special twins of the company and the special people that made a big impact in my secondary school life.           

I would like to use this opportunity to tell them - thank you for everything and let’s continue this strong relationship between us. LOVE YOU GUYS!


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