Tying Rope Day

Posted on 29-Oct-2014

Report by Junior Adriel Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company
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CHERAS - Trumpets blared, alerting everyone to rush down into the field to be ready for opening parade. It was a fine day, even though the sky threatened to open up and drench everyone with water. Opening parade went on as usual, despite many were not there due to exams. We had worship and a few announcements concerning the upcoming founders day.

After the Senior Section departed to their hall, we were told the story of Noah's ark, supplemented by the acting of Lance Corporal Jit Lee and Josiah Chong. Then came the main event of the day. Sergeant Brian Ee, the uno primo of the day, informed us that we will be learning how to tie three types of knots - the reef knot, figure eight knot and scaffold knot.

A string with both ends taped was handed to every Junior that was present. Using DIY videos of somebody demonstrating how to tie knots, Sergeant Brian made an attempt at the impossible. It prove to be an interesting and arduous task to keep up with the person in the video, yet he did it so fast!

The reef knot was easy once one understood the concept. After around fifteen minutes, all of us knew how to do it. Some even had the nerve to say that they were bored. Yet, this was only the beginning, the tutorial level.

The figure eight knot was only slightly harder, and with a flurry of hands, the second knot was learned. Yet the boss level approached: the scaffold knot. For the next fifteen minutes, everyone struggled to master the concept behind tying this knot. Sadly, there was too little time. Few were able to complete the knot.

Then drill came, and everyone went on with the consolation of being able to practice at home, as they were allowed to bring back the string. Though the original purpose of the activity was not finished, everyone was satisfied with the accomplishment, for few Juniors can do what 10th KL's Juniors did.

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