What Happened to Interaction Among Members?

Posted on 01-Oct-2013

Written by Private James Ng of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

September 29th 2013

SENTUL, KUALA LUMPUR - 12th KL Boys’ Brigade has parade here every Saturday. Our usual routine of a parade - opening, singspiration, sharing and announcements, drill, closing parade. However, in all this activities sometimes we see fights or quarrels. In the praise and worship session, we hardly see any interaction between the worship leader and the members. 

What happened to those times when the worship leader sang along with the members, dancing along, having fun? Being the pianist for the praise and worship team and also the temporary coordinator, I feel sad looking at the members crowded at one corner, talking about, while the worship leader keeps on singing.

The 5Ds for every worship team, Debriefing, Delivery, Dedication, Direction and Development. Debriefing, is how we are to end the session, making sure the crowd is still enthusiastic. Delivery, is how we share the worship session with everyone, including the juniors. Dedication, how much effort we really put into the praise & worship session. Direction, where what we want from it, and lastly, development, development of our heart towards God. 

As every member will know, praise and worship is about praising God, worshipping his Holy Name. So, why don’t we do it, together, as one.

"Even if your body isn't healthy, your soul overcomes that, it doesn't even care, it worships anyway, it's joyful anyway. That's what God wants to give you in your life.” 

As quoted by Lacey Mosley, co-founder and former lead vocalist of the hard rock band Flyleaf.

Keeping the band together, that’s one. Praising God, that’s another. Making sure the crowd has fun in this activity, that’s another. But if we think, these three aspects connect to one another. We need the band to keep the crowd together and then we praise God together. Let us follow our hearts, to build a Stedfast BBKL, to create a pure soul to worship His Holy Name.

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