When God Doesn't Exist

Posted on 08-Oct-2015

By Corporal Nathan Chan of the 10th Kuala Lumpur Company
Published October 8th, 2015

Before I start, here is a disclaimer. This article will be blasphemous, ungodly and rather depressing. If any of the above disturbs you, you may want to click to this picture of kittens. And then close the page. Still here? Alright. This article has 2 goals:
  • Demonstrate how the lack of God affects everything
  • To show that God’s existence cannot be proven, and that it requires faith to be part of God’s family

So before shouting in fury, please remember that this is simply a consideration of life without God. And before writing it off as false, please do consider every fact - some are quite true even when assuming that God exists. Let's begin.

Death is inevitable. It is the end of knowing, where every observable definition of "self" ceases to exist. Death has caused a search for longevity, but perhaps more importantly, a search for the meaning of a life that ends abruptly.

It is this search that has led us to create the false absolutes that govern our society today. Truth, value, religion, science - our entire lives are built on things that we created to navigate the world around us. And when the world we have attempted to build is imperfect, paradoxes are bound to occur.

Take the concept of morality - the idea that some things are right, and that others are wrong. Yet when we study every action closely, we will discover that this idea does not work. Every action will benefit someone and hinder someone else. “Right” is simply construct to determine what is best for the majority of society.
The idea of human rights, of freedom is just as strange. For though we want freedom, our need for society makes us dependent on it. And this dependence limits us. The only way for such freedom to be achieved is through anarchy. The limitations imposed by society are only part of the problem. Those living outside society are physically limited - they can only run so fast, and can only be in one place at a time. To have total freedom is to be equal to the thought of gods.

In fact, the way we keep every single piece of knowledge we have is buggy. For every “fact”, there is an assumption. Everything we know goes “If...then…”. The problem starts because we never know the complete story. The “If...then…” is only absolute fact when the entirety of both are known. It’s turtles all the way down. Our “knowledge” is simply a tool to allow us to act on limited information.

Morality, freedom and knowledge. These are only a part of our attempt to create order based on the question: “what is the meaning of life?”. However, this even this assumes that there is a meaning at all. In the end, we cannot come to any sort of conclusion. For every resolution has an underlying assumption that can be proven false.

I hope 6 paragraphs have been enough to prove something to you - there is no certainty anywhere in the world. It is possible that god is simply a construct we have created, the Bible a fictional story told over the times. By choosing to believe in God, we are saying that in this world of uncertainty, we agree that the only thing certain is the Word of God.

But what if I’m wrong?

Some may say there truly is no meaning to life, but I would rather live a life of false hope, with something to work towards, with a purpose behind every action, than simply give up all hope, sit with apathy, and conclude nothing.


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