When God doesn't make sense

Posted on 29-Jul-2015

By Junior Adriel Chan of 10th Kuala Lumpur Company 
Published July 29, 2015 
For everyone, there was a time when God does not make sense. One puts an extra amount of effort, but does not receive the reward one expects. One of the most common examples is: Mom wants someone to wash the dishes.. and one is summoned to complete the job, when one is in the midst doing some thing really important (simile). Why? The Bible tells of many instances where God's plan just does not seem right. Here are some examples:
  • When the Israelites were wandering in the desert, God made them give their best of their crops and herds. Such prize livestock and crops are needed to make the next generation of crops and livestock better. That does not make sense! God was to make them into a great nation; taking their best won't help.

  • God told Gideon to send back most of the Israelites when there was already too many enemies for the Israelites to defeat! It just does not make sense!
  • King Saul failed his role as a king and God sent Samuel to locate the next king. Then Samuel chose the kid David. Why!? After all, everyone wants to follow the most physically impressive king, right?

  • When all the Israelites were going to be killed at the command of Haman, God, through Mordecai, chose Esther to save all of the Israelites. She was only a woman in King Xerxes harem, and woman there were like prisoners. Why chose a trapped person to rescue anyone?' 

The more one reads the Bible, the more one sees events that do not seem logical. Why? All the events that don't make sense, was it intentional?

When one reads about an instance when it did not seem logical, one would probably think that God made some mistake, but God meant it to be like that! We humans tend to take the credit when the situation makes sense to us, even when it does not belong to us. So over and over, God made situations that showed that God was the one in charge!

God demanded the best from the Israelites to test their faith in him. As everyone knows, Gideon won against his enemies. God shaped the situation in such a way that Gideon nor anyone else could say that Gideon was the reason that he and his allies won. Of course it does not make sense to chose David from his outer appearance, but God looks at our hearts. Using a teenager to save God's chosen people is not exactly the best plan, but that would have more effect on the Israelites than having an grown man to do so.

Even though all these may seem to be the most illogical event, Christ's sacrifice is the most illogical event of all. We disobeyed him, and shouldn't a natural answer from God would be: You break it, you fix it? You failed, now you pay the price? Surely if we, the people, had broken our relationship with God and wrecked this world he gave us, the most sensible thing would be for God to just delete everything and start again. But that’s not how God chose to operate, is it? No. God did the most ultimate thing that doesn't make any sense: God sent Jesus. Jesus was a king, but he arrived on this world as the son of a lowly carpenter. That doesn't make sense! Jesus died a criminals death, even though he did not deserve it. Doesn't make sense either! We were offered a chance to save ourselves...without a price! Free?!!! That is like giving out gold bars without a price (simile)

And yet, that’s what God did. Because even when God’s ways don’t make sense to us, they are more wonderful and more powerful than we could ever imagine. All he wants from you is that you trust Him. That makes the most perfect sense of all.

    There was a young boy who had to climb up to the roof a a house when the the house started burning. Meanwhile the father, having escaped early, was outside the house right in front of the boy. Smoke was everywhere, and the boy could barely see, but the father could him. The father called out: “ Son, jump and I'll catch you!”. The boy replied: “ But I can't see you!” The other said: “ you can't, but I can, and that's all that matters” (illustration). In the same way, we may not understand, but God does. 

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