Why Have I Decided to Stay on in BB

Posted on 15-Jul-2014

Sharing by Private Richard Phoon of the 12th Kuala Lumpur Company
June 26th, 2014

Oh, it’s Friday again! And yes, there is a parade tomorrow! It’s time to polish my metal parts and boots again. As I was applying my Brasso, a thought suddenly came into my mind. Why am I still staying in BB after Form One? I thought to myself, why all these hassles of having to polish uniform parts on a Friday evening? Don’t I have better things to do? After thinking for a while, I finally found the sole reason I continue staying in BB after my first year.

My name is Richard, a student from the Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur and am now in my second year in the BB as a Private. Last year, The Boys’ Brigade was made compulsory for all the Form One students. As I was then Form 1, being so new to the school, I wondered what Boys’ Brigade is all about. Time sure flies and now I am a Form 2 student. As I recalled, we needed to stay back after school during the first and second weekends to attend the Boot Camp. At first, I was confused and felt lonely during the Boot Camp – I just don’t seem to find the reason why I should join BB and waste my time on all these camps. During the Boot Camp, I just couldn’t find someone to talk to and I felt neglected and almost cried when I went to sleep. The thought “Why should the school make Boys’ Brigade compulsory for all the Form Ones?” came lingering again and again. All that was in my mind then was that I wanted to just go home. But instead of doing that, I gave it another try. I wondered where I mustered such a reason to convince myself to give another try. Soon, I have found myself one
After several parades, I began to understand why the school made the Boys’ Brigade compulsory to us. The reason is very easy - The Boys’ Brigade will make us learn how to discipline ourselves. The members who are passionate towards The Boys’ Brigade are encouraged to purchase full set of uniforms. With that, they must really learn to take care of their uniform parts properly. This is where the element of discipline comes in. Our NCOs remind us repeatedly that we are required to polish our metal parts and boots every week. If we do not do so, we will given punishments like push-up and running rounds. Despite the stress having to endure punishments, after a year, I continued joining The Boys’ Brigade because I find it is fun and keeps me reminded about discipline in my daily life.
This year, 2014, there have been too many events and a lot of public holidays that has affected our parades, with the numbers of parades short till about 17 times so far. Hence, during the non-parade days, I just couldn't find a reason why I should polish even when there is no parade. Eventually I just forgot about BB and what I learned. But after having second thought, though I really wanted to quit BB once and for all, I found that I just couldn’t let BB go. I admit that I started to think to myself that it is really a waste of my time and effort. Then, I thought about the amount of money that I have paid for the camps and my uniforms – what a waste if I just quit. So, I decided to continue.
You will be wondering why I stayed back and didn’t leave. The reason is because of the bond between my fellow members and I. You won’t realise this, but you actually get to know a lot of people in The Boys’ Brigade and you will be famous among the new Form Ones if you are an NCO or a squad leader. This year, I am an Assistant Squad Leader. I thank the Company for giving me this opportunity to serve on board. All my squad members like to talk with each other and the bonding between them and me is very strong. That is why I choose to stay on because I love to interact with other people. I no longer feel lonely. I have made many new friends.
I even volunteered myself to serve in the Awards Department to help the award classes to run smoothly. I really enjoyed my time in The Boys’ Brigade and I will stay as long as I could. I would like to encourage every BB Member who is reading this article to not quit BB. Continue to stay on and grow with your Company – you need to love BB. I choose to stay on in BB not because I HAVE to, but because I WANT to stay on. BB has helped me to build my self-esteem and confidence.
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