Why Pain?

Posted on 26-Nov-2014

By Junior Adriel Chan of the 10th Kuala Lumpur Company

Published November 26, 2014

The ball rolls away, thinking it has escaped a bloody carnage, just to be caught once again in a struggle between two football teams. With everyone focusing on the ball before them, no one watches whoever is in front, which explains why the ball suddenly finds itself in the face of yet another player. The victim immediately recoiled and clutches where the ball hit in pain as the concerned team rushes forward towards him.

This incident (which happened in 10th KL's field) is an example of pain. Pain exists everywhere. When people experience it, similar questions such as these arises - “Why is this happening to me? Why me? There are many other human beings out there, but why give me this disease?!!! The Bible says that You are compassionate. If You are compassionate, then why do allow suffering?!”

We all hate pain. No one enjoys being injured constantly. In fact, pain could be regarded as the reason safety precautions are necessary. Yet without pain, injuries would often go about unnoticed. In fact we would probably just walk on, harming ourselves in the process.

The truth is, pain is useful! It is used as a warning system to tell us whenever something is wrong. For instance, touching hot water will result in scalding and pain. But without the pain, one would continue to burn ones hand and eventually destroy it. Yet what if pain cannot be felt? It may seem like a nice fantasy, but in truth, it exists. It is called leprosy.

Leprosy is a very contagious disease that numbs pain. The word leprosy has probably conjured images of people with disfigured faces, stumps that indicate that a hand was there, people without toes or fingers, but leprosy is not the direct cause for loss of limbs. Once, a leper that accidentally dropped a potato into a fire, then picked it up with his hands! And then there was this man that harmed himself every time he wiped something ( he worked in a restaurant so what he was wiping was probably counters), because he was pushing to hard and could not feel the pain. Many others got their fingers and toes bitten off by rats! The list goes on of the many people that suffer because they can't feel pain, so at least don't complain whenever pain comes ones way.                           

One important fact is that though it seems that God is the source of mankind's pain and trouble, actually the human race is the source of their problems. All the problems started on the day Eve ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It was then that pain, that disease and and every bad thing in the universe came down to earth. Everything wicked, evil and sinful started existing the moment Eve touched the fruit (the Bible did not directly say that the fruit was an apple). Why would people blame God for the problems that were made by oneself? It just would not be fair towards God.


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