WMSKL's Joint Boys and Girls Brigade Camp 2013 - Building Bridges, Spanning Differences

Posted on 26-Jul-2013

By Lance Corporal Tan Wen Jie, Michael of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company. Photos by Jack Lim Kuan Wei

July 12-13th, 2013 

SENTUL, KUALA LUMPUR - On these two auspicious days, the 12th Kuala Lumpur Boys’ Brigade and 3rd Kuala Lumpur Girls’ Brigade had an inaugural joint brigade camp in Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur.

Day 1, Friday 12th July

All participants and facilitators registered before school lessons were over. Everyone gathered at 4 p.m. in the school hall for the opening ceremony. There were 16 teams altogether; the teams’ names were selected from Marvel or DC comic characters. It started with the facilitators and teachers-in-charge introducing themselves. Then, Madam Chia Loy Tian, the school principal gave the opening speech. Soon, it was time for the icebreaking sessions. We got to know each other through many interesting activities.

Left: Opening speech by Madam Chia, school Principal. Center: Praise and worship by Boys' Brigade. Right: "Hamster Wheel" Activity during Session #1".
After that, we were allowed time to put our belongings in our respective dorms and take a quick shower before dinner. The Praise and Worship by the Boys’ Brigade was followed by the main highlight of the camp, Session #1 by Madam Boon from the Girls’ Brigade Kuala Lumpur State. She explained on the theme of this camp which was ‘Building Bridges, Spanning Differences’. We then had an activity using recycled materials such as newspapers to create a ‘hamster wheel’ and all members in a team must walk inside the wheel to the finish line. The purpose for this short game is to develop teamwork and co-ordination within the team.

Afterwards, the mystery games began. The facilitators acted as the casts of the game. It was about the head of a family which was monopolizing a rich business. Soon after, he and some of his family members were murdered. All teams had to search for clues and write a short summary of what they thought and who could be the killer using our problem solving skills. It was scary at times, as we could feel the intensity at the crime scene and one could feel the murderer was around. That made it all the more enthralling. After 2 hours of investigation, all the teams came out with their various conclusions on who is the real culprit. The results of the game were announced the following day.

Left: Mystery Game Main Characters. Center: Mystery Game acting scene. Right: Morning exercise on Day 2.
Before the close of the day at midnight, there were vespers from both brigades and supper. Some of the camp participants did their night watch while others had a great night’s sleep.

Day 2, Saturday 13th July

Everyone woke up early in the morning and prepared for the morning exercise. A short while later everyone enjoyed a hearty breakfast before going to the school hall for the praise and worship session by the Girls’ Brigade. Fun followed as the station games were next. This was the most anticipated and entertaining part of the camp. All teams have to come up with their own war cry. It was definitely one of the most enjoyable sections of the camp.

It was then the photo & drill session. All camp participants had to stand together to create the ‘BB GB’ letters when seen from above. We took a short wash up before having lunch. After lunch, we went to the hall to have a sharing session by a few participants. The facilitators also had a session which was about setting goal

Then, it was time to clean up and pack up our belongings and dorms. The anticipated prize giving ceremony was next as the top 5 teams with the most points throughout the camp receiving prizes. Before the closing parade at 4 p.m., some of the facilitators performed a brief fancy drill which they had practiced during breakfast earlier. It was really amazing to watch such outstanding and creative presentation. The vespers from both brigades were sound to mark the closing of this camp.

Left: Opening speech by Madam Chia, school Principal. Center: Praise and worship by Boys' Brigade. Right: "Hamster Wheel" Activity during Session #1"
It was a fulfilling 2 days for everyone and the camp was a great success. Let’s all wish that 12th Boys’ Brigade and 3rd Girls’ Brigade Kuala Lumpur companies will grow to achieve above and beyond in the everlasting future by the grace of God.
BB & GB Group Photo
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