Working As a Team is Better Than Working Alone

Posted on 18-Dec-2014

By Lance Corporal Teh Eng Hong of 12th Kuala Lumpur Company

October 25th, 2014

Work can be complete as as a team or as an individual, depending on the nature of work required. Working as a team can be better than working as an individual. Surprised?

‘Working as a team’ - the emphasis of the phrase lies on the word "team". What is a team? A team actually is a group of people, committed to a cause or a project. That cause can be working to organise and run a particular event. There is a difference between working as an individual and working as a team.  

When you work as a team, you or rather, the entire group has a significant advantage. That advantage is that you have more manpower to do the work required concerning the event or project. You have strength in numbers and your human resources (in terms of skill, knowledge, experience, and strengths - all which are unique) are wider when you work as a team. You can delegate the work or divide the work required to be done amongst the team members instead of doing it alone. This is a fact which is not to be overlooked when you are working towards a large event like Boot Camp or BBGB Camp. In comparison, when you work alone, you will have to bear the burnt of the workload yourself. You have to carry the burden of the job at hand with no one to back you up. It's something to think about.

When you work as a team, we will have the advantage of greater intellect amongst all of the members combined. When we work as a group, we can generate ideas, solutions, and possibilities for various scenarios thrown at our face. For example, problems like members misbehaving during parade. How does the NCOs or officers solve it? They do not exactly allow one person from the team to solve it by himself or herself in a one-man-show. They generate solutions to the problem and think on how to solve it together. Many minds enable many problems to be solved. On the other hand, solving the problem alone would take much longer time compared to a team of people to solve the problem. In a team, you have more than one mind thinking about how to solve the problem. As an individual, you have one mind, one person to think about how to resolve the problem. Many mind, many possibilities.


When you work as a team, problems encountered in the particular event or project can be reduced quite significantly. When we work individually, we tend to make mistakes or not notice mistakes or hiccups that are present in the project. When we work as a group, since there is more than one person doing the work, more people have access to the work and mistakes can be pointed out and changes made. Therefore working as a team can be rather different from working as an individual.

In conclusion, working as a team in a particular project or an event can be better as an individual. Bear in mind that doing work as a one man show almost never works. It has a lower rate of success compared to working as a team.

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